IFBB European Online E-Championships

2020 IFBB European Online E-Championships.

The IFBB have created a great initiative for athletes that are in contest shape during the coronavirus lockdown.

The IFBB along with all other federations had to either postpone or cancel their shows in 2020.

The desperate situation did not stop the IFBB from working and creating new projects to help the athletes during these difficult times.

The European eChampionship (1st. IFBB-EBFF European Bodybuilding & Fitness eChampionships) was created to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The European eChampionship is open for all the IFBB athletes from affiliated European National Federations.

Open Categories

• Bodyfitness
• Bikini
• Fit Model
• Wellness
• Women’s Physique
• Bodybuilding
• Classic Bodybuilding
• Classic Physique
• Muscular Men’s Physique
• Men’s Physique

The event is designed to be performed in open categories. In the case of a large number of participants in each Division, categories can be split by height/weight limits, following technical criteria.

In the case of fewer than 5 athletes in one Division, this category will be canceled and the participation fee will be returned to the athlete.


All participants should fulfill the Entry Form (EF), an electronic application, which is published on the next link: https://ifbb.gbisportinnovation.com/european-econtest

The Registration Fee is €50, to be paid by Paypal or Bank Transfer to IFBB, using the payment system on the above mentioned link.

The eChampionship will be held on the website www.ifbb.com. The link to the broadcast of the contest will be published on www.ifbb.com.
• Registration starts: 27th April 2020
• Registration deadline: 5th June 2020
• Date of contest: from 20th June 2020
The final schedule of the event shall be announced on IFBB social media (Facebook, Instagram & Telegram) and emailed directly to National Federations and participants.

Detailed guidelines can be found on the official Inspection Report published below, or download the pdf – Click HERE.