york pro pre-judging

2020 New York Pro Pre-Judging results and photos.

The 2020 New York Pro Pre-judging for the morning and afternoon part of the event has been concluded.

The morning edition of the show had Women’s Physique, Men’s 212, Men’s Physique and Men’s Classic Physique.

The afternoon edition had Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Men’s Bodybuilding

As expected, the level of competition was very high.

Check back later for pre-judging results for Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Men’s Bodybuilding.

Men’s Bodybuilding First Callout
Antoine Vaillant
Hassan Mostafa
Jon De La Rosa
Ian Valliere
Maxx Charles
Patrick Moore
Justin Rodriguez

Women’s Bodybuilding First Callout
Janeen Lankowski
Kim Buck
MayLa Ash
Tina Williams
Ann Sheehan

Bikini First Callouts
Amanda Aguzzi
Lauren Dannenmiller
Ashlyn Brown
Etila Santiago
Reijuana Harley
Juli Lopez

Women’s Pro Figure First Callouts
Koko Korang
MariaLuisa Diaz
Brittany Campbell
Nicole Zenobia Graham
Anna Banks
Catherine Lavoie
Daniella Yabin Rose
Sandra Grajales

Mens 212 First Callout
Enmanuel Rodriguez
Errol Moore
Jason Lowe
Dectric Bo Lewis
Derik Oslan
Adam Young

york pro pre-judging

Men’s Classic Physique First Callout
Russ Allen
Tony Taveras
Logan Franklin
Jason Brown
Kyrylo Khudaiev
Amit Roy

york pro pre-judging

Men’s Physique First Callout
Tommy Clark
Anthony Gilkes
Rodrigue Chesnier
Arya Saffaei
RaShaud Watson
Clarence McSpadden
Justin Woodward

Women’s Physique First Callout
Jodi Lyons
Trish Wood
Rachel Daniels
Diana Schnaidt
Jeannie Feldman
Diana Schnaidt
Sherry Priami

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