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2020 Olympia Weekend heads to Planet Hollywood… New dates announced.

The big news from the Olympia Weekend organizers that the bodybuilding and fitness world has been finally waiting for.

After so much speculation and rumors, President & Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon finally confirmed the news that the 2020 Olympia Weekend will be moving to a new venue.

The Olympia Weekend‘s home for the past 15 years has been at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

Since the purchase of the Olympia brand by Jake Wood, the goal Jake and his staff was to bring the Olympia Weekend back to the fans, athletes and sponsors.

The first step was to move the entire Olympia Expo to a new location and that will be Planet Hollywood Resort in the center of the Las Vegas Strip.

A new date for the 2020 Olympia Weekend has also been announced. The Olympia Weekend will be rescheduled between 16-20 December 2020.

Solomon also announced that more prize money will be offered as well to the athletes.

The decision to move the date of the Olympia Weekend gives more time for the athletes to prepare for the event and it gives the sponsors time to regroup after the long layoff because of the coronavirus threat.

Four Mr. Olympia Competitors

Another interesting announcement that Dan made was that up to four Mr. Olympia winners could possibly compete at this years Mr. Olympia.

The four competitors that could possibly compete are Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden and defending champion Brandon Curry.

Dexter and Brandon will most surely compete as Brandon will be defending his 2019 title, while it has already been confirmed that it will be Dexter’s last Mr. Olympia contest.

Many factors will decide if the Shawn Rhoden and Phil Heath decide to compete. In regards to Rhoden, it all depends on his court situation in regards to rape charges and if the Pro League will give him back his pro card.

7X winner Phil Heath will have to decide if he is 100% ready to compete after having major surgery to repair a full abdominal tear and two re-torn hernias. In regards to size, Phil is still looking great, it just depends on what he really wants and if he is physically capable to do it.

If all four do make it to the 2020 Mr. Olympia stage, it will be one great battle.

To be precise, it could be five Olympia winners if 7X 212 Olympia winner Flex Lewis is added to the mix.

As well, another star looking in from the outside is Kai Greene.

Kai has just published a video of himself performing mandatory poses and he has been leaving a number of cryptic comments on news related to the Olympia. (See screenshots below)


Kai Greene’s comments after Dan Solomon’s announcement for the Olympia Weekends venue change.
Kai Greene publishes a comment last week before the new changes of the Olympia Weekend was announced