Olympia Shaun Clarida wins

2020 Olympia Weekend – 212 Bodybuilding Results: Shaun Clarida wins.

The 2020 Olympia Weekend will go down in history as being the Olympia of upsets as 212 bodybuilding defending champion Kamal Elgargni was defeated by Shaun Clarida.

It was evident that the contest was between Shaun and Kamal as the two pushed each other until the final second.

After the smoke cleared, it would be Shaun crowned as the new 212 Olympia champion while Kamal had to settle for second.

It is still not known if Kamal will continue competing in 2021 after this defeat.

The much taller and bigger George Peterson had to settle for the third spot, but as the competition went on, it was evident he was out of the top two places.

Derek Lunsford had to settle for fourth place. Derek has incredible genetics, but he came into the show looking smooth and he needs to improve his back development if he wants to challenge for the title.

A bit more was expected from Ahmad Ashkanani as he finished in fifth place. Hopefully in 2021 we will see a better version of this great athlete.

Full results to be published shortly.

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Mr. Olympia 2020 Men’s 212 Results & Prize Money

1. Shaun Clarida, $50,000
2. Kamal Elgargni, $20,000
3. George Peterson, $10,000
4. Derek Lunsford, $6,000
5. Ahmad Ashkanani, $4,000
6. Oleh Kryvyi
7. Angel Calderon Frias
8. Derik Oslan
9. Dectric Lewis
10. Guy Cisternino Jr

212 Men’s Bodybuilding Winners

2019 Kamal Elgargni Las Vegas, NV
2018 Flex Lewis Las Vegas, NV
2017 Flex Lewis Las Vegas, NV
2016 Flex Lewis Las Vegas, NV
2015 Flex Lewis Las Vegas, NV
2014 Flex Lewis Las Vegas, NV
2013 Flex Lewis Las Vegas, NV
2012 Flex Lewis Las Vegas, NV
2011 Kevin English Las Vegas, NV
2010 Kevin English Las Vegas, NV
2009 Kevin English Las Vegas, NV
2008 David Henry Las Vegas, NV