Popular Bodybuilding YouTube Channels

5 Popular Bodybuilding YouTube Channels For Bodybuilders.

There was a time, when it was difficult to find the perfect place for fitness motivation. Luckily for us, we don’t have to worry about these things in the present times.

YouTube is first platform where instructions first started to be given out on Bodybuilding. Everyone can find one or the other YouTuber who can act as the perfect digital coach no matter where they are. Therefore in this article we have discussed some of the best YouTube fitness and bodybuilding channels that will help you create a difference in your life.

If you want to get popular on YouTube, then you should check the article below. Not only will these channels help you get the body you want, but also help you get a wider reach on YouTube or any other social media platform. Let’s go through these channels one by one-

Nick’s Strength and Power

Are you searching for a YouTube channel for natural bodybuilding? If so, then  you can try to get some inspiration from Nick’s Strength and Power.   As a bodybuilder, Nick believes in sharing his journey and keeping his fans updated with his success.

This YouTube channel will immediately start to keep you up to date with the most prevalent trends in the world of bodybuilding. If you’re a natural bodybuilder yourself, or a fan intrigued by this industry- we are sure you will find this channel extremely helpful. At tournaments and conferences, Nick Vlogs makes it a point to share his experiences. He has even shared his memory of meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger with his fans.

In his channel you can find hours of watch-worthy   material exploring the past of bodybuilding and case reports on his favourite Mr. Olympia champions can also be seen on this site.   It’s no surprise, with a massive subscribers, that Nick continues to be one of the most followed YouTubers in this business.

Love Sweat Fitness

All those people who have looked on YouTube for fitness ideas before, know that when asked ‘how many YouTube fitness channels are there?’ they come up with an answering of staggering numbers  . So, what exactly makes  this particular one so special? Love Sweat Fitness is managed by Katie, who has tried and experimented more than enough of ongoing fad diets, like a lot of people.

She finally took matters into her own hands, creating adjustments in her diet, cultivating healthier routines, and dropping 45 pounds. She discovered a love for fitness in the process and also decided to help people meet their workout goals.

This caused her to eventually turn into a licenced personal trainer and, in our view, to launch what is one of the most entertaining and popular YouTube channel for health and fitness.

You’ll find a playlist devoted to her healthy weight loss transformation on her page. She posts fitness ideas, nutritious meals, describing how her aims of keeping a healthy weight have been accomplished.


HASfit is third on our list of the best YouTube fitness outlets. If you’d like to get into physical fitness, or you’ve been frequenting the gym for sometime now but you feel you haven’t been getting anywhere, then HASfit could just be the solution to your challenges.

HASfit is third on our list of the best YouTube fitness outlets. If you’d like to get into physical fitness, or you’ve been frequenting the gym for sometime now but you feel you haven’t been getting anywhere, then HASfit could just be the solution to your challenges.

We love that various muscle types have organised fitness schedules. You can see a collection of videos devoted to particular parts of the body, such as the glutes, arms, and the back, instead of general ‘upper body’ routines.

Joanna Soh Official

Joanna Soh is now one of the best YouTube fitness vloggers that you can sign up for all the perks of having a personal coach without the need to venture a foot above the front door. If you think that the easiest way to keep you inspired is by fitness challenges, then you will totally love Joanna’s material.

Her YouTube wellness and fitness platforms are full of fun workout competitions, such as her video ‘Burn 10,000 calories in 30 days’ or the ‘1000 cardio & core burn challenge’. In the segment ‘Crazy Fitness Challenges!!, you will find those and loads more. ‘But, as the name implies, be mindful that they can be very severe!

If you are still new to the concept of exercising, and want to really get into shape- then you will definitely find her videos helpful.

Official Barstarzz

You don’t know what calisthenics imply? That’s also not going to be a problem. These guys can teach you precisely how to get started, learn the mechanics, and how your body can be changed by calisthenics. This is perhaps the best YouTube fitness channel to look at, for someone who wishes to exercise intensely but chooses to skip the gym for all costs.

Although these exercises basically involve your bodyweight, they are anything but easy. You can easily see the expertise that these guys have, and learn how to get your muscles sorted without the use of heavy gym equipment.


The social media is being flooded by people, bloggers, and vloggers, who want to make an impact. Some of these are fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who have worked their way up the social ladder. All will find one YouTuber or another who, no matter where they are, will serve as the ultimate digital mentor. Therefore, we have listed some of the best fitness and bodybuilding platforms on YouTube in this article that will help you make a difference in your life.