53rd IFBB Asian Bodybuilding

RESULTS: 53rd IFBB Asian Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships.

The 53rd IFBB Asian Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships took place in Harbin (China) between the 26-29 July, 2019.

This is a historic show on the IFBB calendar of events and it is a contest every athlete tries their best to win.

Team China were the overall winners for the second year in a row after dominating in Mongolia in 2018.

With a fantastic National Team composed by more than 100 athletes, China prevailed in the Men’s categories ahead of Iran and Iraq.

In addition, the CBBA female athletes also achieved the first-team position in the Women’s competition, ahead of Japan and Korea.

This is a new and important success for the CBBA, whose president, Mr. Zhang Haifeng was elected as the new president of the Asian Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (AFBF) at the Annual Congress, held in the second session of the Championships.

As with all other major IFBB shows, points will be awarded to the top athletes towards the 2019 IFBB Amateur World Rankings.

Men’s Categories:
1. China
2. Iran
3. Iraq
4. UAE
5. Japan
6. Korea

Women’s Categories:
1. China
2. Japan
3. Korea
4. Kazakhstan
5. Mongolia
6. Chinese Taipei

53rd IFBB Asian Bodybuilding 53rd IFBB Asian Bodybuilding