best Muscle Building Foods

7 Best Muscle Building Foods.

There are plenty of variables that come into play when we talk about building muscle mass. Many people tend to think that the key here is to workout. While that is a part of it, it’s by no means the only thing you should focus on. In fact, if you don’t eat muscle-building foods and workout heavily – the probability is high that you’ll lose weight. So, what is it that you should do to ensure that you gain muscle mass?

One of the most important ones is, without a doubt, the food that you consume on a daily basis. Few people are well versed in their dietary needs. When it comes to building mass or losing it, this knowledge is crucial. Not understanding what your body needs can oftentimes lead to negative effects, leaving you frustrated for not reaching your goal. Well, that problem can easily be avoided, and you have clicked on the right article.

Here, we will talk about the seven best muscle-building foods that will help you reach your goals. Additionally, we’ll touch on the amount of food that you should be eating, as well as the frequency. So, if you want to learn about all that we’ve talked about so far, keep on reading!

1.   Red meat

Many people have fallen into a trap to think that red meat is intrinsically unhealthy. Now, the major reason for this to circulate the internet lies in the context of how red meat is often consumed. And you already know the answer, in the form of cheeseburgers and similar meals. While they are indeed delicious, these meals are incredibly unhealthy. The reason for that is that besides red meat, you are also eating sugar, sauces, cheeses, and everything in between. So, while you should avoid cheeseburgers, you should gravitate towards red meat.

It all comes down to the options that you choose that dictate how healthy your meal is. If you opt for purchasing organic meat boxes from which you’ll prepare your meal from scratch – you have nothing to worry about. In fact, red meat is going to ensure that you bulk up properly. It contains a large amount of proteins, 27 g per 100 g to be more precise. Additionally, it also contains 11 g of unsaturated fats, ultimately ensuring that you get 200 calories or more per 100g of red meat. If all that isn’t enough, red meat is loaded with vitamins and minerals. All that being said, if you aren’t vegetarian/vegan, don’t overlook this ingredient if you want to build muscles!

2.   Eggs

Even though there has been some controversy regarding eggs and cholesterol levels, the tides are changing. In fact, recent studies suggest that eggs don’t adversely affect cholesterol levels in the blood. What is for sure though is that they are packed with saturated fats, vitamins, and minerals as well. Not to mention the protein – only one egg contains around six grams of protein. That is over 35% of its total caloric content!

And let’s be real, barely any food can even begin to compare with the versatility of eggs.

3.   Raw nuts

We mention proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates a lot when we talk about muscle mass. But, it is also important to supply yourself with saturated fats. Not only do they provide you with nutrients, but they also boost your general health and bodily functions.  Additionally to saturated fats, protein, and carbohydrates, raw nuts have one more bonus. They are packed with antioxidants, which makes them even healthier.

They are also easy to incorporate into various meals, and hence are very versatile. You’ll never get bored of nuts, walnuts, and almonds!

Considering the fact that they are dense with calories, you can ensure that a relatively small amount of raw nuts is going to keep you feeling energized for your workout session.

4.   Quinoa

There is a good reason why Quinoa has a reputation for being one of the healthiest foods out there. It contains 14 g of protein per 100 g of quinoa, but that is just the beginning of it. In quinoa, you will find all essential amino acids. Additionally, it is a great source of complex carbohydrates. It doesn’t stop there – quinoa is gluten-free as well as packed with vitamins, magnesium, and iron. So, stop eating rice all day and start preparing quinoa alternatives!

5.   Cottage cheese

If you want to avoid fat and calories and yet consume high amounts of protein, cottage cheese is the way to go. When it comes to minerals, you can rest assured that you’ll get just enough phosphorus, Mg, and iron when you prepare a meal with cottage cheese. It is also an excellent source of vitamins (B1, B2, A).

Most importantly, cottage cheese contains a lot of casein. This protein is known as a slow-absorbing one. This basically means that you’ll ensure a sustained muscle-building process that will feed your body amino acids for hours.

6.   Lentils

Lentils are packed with protein, and make a very versatile meal. They have a lot of additional bonuses, and are famous for aiding digestion, and helping ensure a healthy heart. The fact that they are abundant in protein as well as in fiber ensures that you stay full, even though they make a light meal.

When it comes to the specifics, you should know that 100 g of lentils contains 25 g of protein. It is a common trait among our list – it has a lot of iron and zinc as well.

7.   Milk

Last but definitely not least, this wouldn’t be a list of muscle-building foods without milk. Milk is a great source of both carbohydrates and protein. We have already mentioned casein, and you have probably heard of whey. Perhaps you consume them in the form of a powder? Well, you should know that milk is abundant in these proteins. Lastly, milk contains large amounts of calcium. Considering that this is a mineral that ensures a strong skeleton, this is a big plus!

Of course, this list doesn’t cover the entire list of food that is a good choice for muscle building. The list is much more extensive, but you can never go wrong with what we’ve talked about. Make sure that you do your research further for more variety. Eating the same things over and over in such large amounts isn’t all that dreamy.

Also, make sure that you time your meals right! All these things are something that you must keep in mind in order to optimize the effectiveness of your meals.

In the end, gaining weight and reaching body goals is never an easy task. That being said, there are ways to make the process way easier. With the right attitude, a good plan, and vigilance, you are surely going to be able to reach your goals.