A.J Kelly - Bodybuilding's missing

A.J Kelly – Bodybuilding’s missing piece in the puzzle.

The sport of bodybuilding and fitness can be a very exciting event, if everything is done correctly.

Bodybuilding events can be very boring if some elements are missing.

Bodybuilding and fitness is a sport that requires extreme diet and contest prep from the athletes, especially in bodybuilding.

With the athletes going through such a process, sometimes they are not the best people to be around with during a competition.

That is when the reporter/commentator comes in the picture.

Thankfully, the bodybuilding world already has great historians and legendary bodybuilders such as Shawn Ray, Bob Cicherillo, Dan Solomon and other great personalities doing a great job.

Still the sport was missing the ‘wow’ factor, but the solution was lingering around in the background for many years on forums and social media.

The missing piece of the puzzle comes in the form of A.J Kelly Robert.

A.J is one of the most colorful characters in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

A.J started to make a name for himself on a number of popular bodybuilding forums and then his popularity exploded with his Instagram stories.

A year ago, A.J was part of a very popular Youtube show, interviewing the top stars in the bodybuilding world. His colorful character made the show one of the most popular bodybuilding shows on the internet.

A.J was also part of a European tour with 2019 Mr. Olympia, Brandon Curry.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 crisis, A.J could not continue travelling to the studio to continue recording interviews.

Instead of using modern day technology to continue working with A.J, the biggest mistake that his former employers did was phase him out. The show crashed drastically, struggling to gain the momentum they had before.

Why did the show dip in viewership? A.J was not there any more.

Bodybuilding event promoters can learn a lot from huge wrestling events produced by the WWE.

The wrestling athlete interviews are sometimes more exciting than the fights themselves.

It must be noted that A.J is also a big fan of WWE Wrestling. This has helped him build his great interviewing and commentating skills.

This is what A.J has brought to the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

Watching all his Instagram stories is already an entertaining affair. A.J has mastered this skill perfectly.

His voice, clothes, and colorful comments make all the athletes feel comfortable and puts a smile on their face.

This cannot be scripted and what he has is a natural talent.

A.J literally combines Hulk Hogan commentating to bodybuilding. And that is the perfect match.

Another important factor is that A.J follows the sport very closely and he studies the amateur and pro athletes very closely, knowing their backgrounds and recent accomplishments.

At the 2020 Romanian Muscle Fest Pro, A.J started pumping out the footage from the airport.

No expensive equipment, just A.J and his mobile.

From talking to athletes waiting at the airport, revealing important news, joking with the taxi driver and much more crazy footage all make the event much more interesting.

The work does not stop there. Thankfully, Wings of Strength noticed A.J Kelly’s love for the sport and his talent.

Wings of Strength trusted A.J with all the coverage and interviews for the 2020 Romanian Muscle Fest Pro, and he has done a perfect job.

A.J also has a very popular Youtube channel dedicated to Female Bodybuilding called ‘Female Bodybuilding Channel‘.

If Olympia owner Jake Wood and President & Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon want to add more excitement and color to the 2020 Olympia Weekend, A.J Kelly is the solution.

A.J interviewing the athletes at the famous ‘Athletes Meeting’ would be a very entertainment spectacle.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of something great, well done A.J!!

Make sure to follow A.J Kelly on his official Instagram page – @aj.kellyrobert.


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