Ageless Male Max

Ageless Male Max is a testosterone boosting supplement made by a U.S. company New Vitality.

Apart from raising your male hormone, Ageless Male Max is designed to:

  • Help you burn fat faster
  • Improve your performance in training
  • Enhance your overall vitality
  • Reduce stress and support sleep

Anyone who knows anything about T boosters is aware that they all make similar claims however!.

So, how do you tell great products from the bad ones?

It’s quite simple; you carefully go through the ingredients and dosages. This will tell us all we need to know about a product’s quality, ingredient dosages, side effects, and results.

Which is exactly what we’re going to check in this Ageless Male Max review.

Ageless Male Reviews Summary

If you don’t want to read through our full report, we’ve found Ageless Male Max to be a mix of both good and bad.

It has some decent ingredients that might support your general health. But the formula is tainted by a proprietary blend, which prevents us from assessing whether this testosterone booster really works or not.

Pros and Cons


  • Ashwagandha is a great inclusion
  • Contains some good choices of vitamins and minerals


  • Proprietary blend
  • Less effective ingredients have been included
  • Missing magnesium, luteolin, vitamin K2, Mucuna Pruriens, and other natural test boosting ingredients

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Who Makes Ageless Male Max?

The product is made by USA based New Vitality. It’s a very well known company and brand, since its inception in 2012 the company’s motto has been “To help people live longer and look younger.”

They offer product formulas for both men and women, and their website is clean and easy to navigate.

If you’re not happy with their products they offer you a 30 money-back guarantee. Shipping and handling are not included in the refund, though (however this is normal).


Here are the claimed benefits:

  • Boosts total testosterone levels – According New Vitality this supplement doesn’t just increase your free testosterone, which only makes up for about 3% of your total test. It also boosts up your overall testosterone levels.
  • “Twice the reduction in body fat percentage” – It looks like this product aims to help you shed unwanted fat with certain ingredients like KSM-66 (which we’ll explain below).
  • Boosts muscle size – Ageless Male Max aims to improve your strength and muscle gains more than exercise alone.
  • Increases performance – If the marketing material on the Ageless Male Max bottle is correct, it could also improve your blood flow to muscles, resulting in fuller pumps and better workouts.

Those are some very impressive claims! However, only a few test boosters on the market right now can actually deliver such results. Is Ageless Male Max one of these T boosters?

The best way to find out is by checking the ingredients …

Ageless Male Max Ingredients


The product starts out with some awesome ingredients including vitamin D and zinc. These offer foundational support to your body’s testosterone production.

But the further down the ingredient label you go, the more concerning it gets. At the bottom, you’ll notice a huge proprietary blend. This is a red flag for us.

  • A proprietary blend is a term for a mixture of ingredients put under one single value on the label. You only see the total dosage of that blend, but not how much is there of each ingredient.

The issue with this is that we can’t tell how effective or safe the ingredients in the proprietary blend are. It also tells us that the manufacturer wasn’t that confident in their own formula.

If they included fantastic ingredients in great dosages, they would want to proudly show it on the label, not hide it behind a blend with a fancy-looking name.

See for yourself:

Vitamin D

Can boost natural T levels if you’re deficient in it, however, the dosage for T-boosting purposes is too low in this product.

Vitamin D is a great all-rounder nutrient. It can help you with muscle growth, fat loss, and even mood. Yes, vitamin D also boosts testosterone, but you need it in the right amounts. Studies have shown that around 3,300 IU of vitamin D is what works best for enhancing the male hormone naturally (7). However, Ageless Male Max only has 1,666IU of vitamin D per serving. (3)

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

A vitamin that can cause insulin resistance when supplemented, ironically, leading to weight gain. (1)

There are some benefits to supplementing this vitamin, but in our opinion, they’re offset by the negative side effects. Mainly we’re talking about insulin resistance here, which vitamin B3 supplementation can cause, according to and a number of scientific papers. We don’t recommend this ingredient unless you’re deficient in it, or your doctor tells you otherwise.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a great choice for a test booster. It has been shown to stimulate the production of the androgens which go on to produce testosteorne, and also works on the C2 pathways which regulate estrogen. On top of this it has some general health benefits too, such as, protecting your blood vessels from irritation and damage.

Vitamin B12

Another foundational ingredient, it can help with circulation if you’re deficient in it.

Many of us link vitamin B12 to energy. You’ve probably heard of people who feel extremely tired all the time due to vitamin B12 deficiency. This is due to this nutrient’s role in red blood cell production, and oxygen transportation throughout your body. However, vitamin B12 isn’t really necessary to supplement unless you have or suspect a deficiency. Typically vegans and elderly are the only demographics that might want to take B12 supplements just in case. (4)


Zinc is a cornerstone ingredients in any good test booster, and can actually help to prevent testosterone loss from intense physical stress

The only real downside to having zinc in a test booster is that it normally means you cannot combine the product with a multivit. Anything over the threshold of 35mg per day can cause side effects such as headaches.

Zinc is shown in one study to be effective at supporting (not boosting) your T levels during times of intense physical exertion. A group of elite athletes who trained very hard had diminished test levels due to their extreme exercise regimen. But once they started taking zinc daily, their T levels returned back to normal. (5)

Ashwagandha Root Extract (KSM-66)

Balances your hormones and improves vitality.

Ashwagandha is one of our favorite additions to a testosterone booster. It helps balance your hormones, ensuring that the body stays in homeostasis. Cortisol is a stress hormone that Ashwagandha helps to bring down. (6)

The Ashwaghanda is probably the strongest card in the Ageless Male Max pack. Whilst we would have liked to see slightly more that 338mg (500-600mg), that is still a very useful quantity. The ingredient can help boost testosterone, but Ashwagandha affects mood by reducing stress levels and enhancing neurotransmitters.

KSM-66 is a highly standardized branded variety. Bear in mind that KSM-66 is not vegan friendly as the production process involves the use of milk.

“NoxPerform” Proprietary Blend

This is a small proprietary blend – weighing only 100mg. However, there’s a huge list of ingredients in it. Therefore, even though we’re unable to see the dose of each of those ingredients we can take a pretty good guess that most, if not all of them, have to be underdosed.

Another disappointment is that many of these ingredients have no use in a testosterone booster. For example, it has a bunch of fruit & vegetable extracts. These you’ll more often see in multivitamins. Even if they were dosed properly, there’s no scientific evidence to show that they will boost your test.

Some of the more important ingredients in this blend include:

  • Coffee Bean Extract
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Broccoli Sprout Powder
  • Kale Leaf Powder
  • Camu Camu
  • Turmeric Root Powder

Customer Reviews

The reviews on Amazon are generally good. 3.9 average out of 370. As you normally find with a test boosting product there are a lot of both 5* and 1* reviews.

That normally rests on expectation, if you expect any test booster to turn you into Arnie in a week you will be disappointed (unless you are actually Arnie, then it’s pretty fair to expect to look like yourself in a week).

The reviews are worth reading, as there is always revealing insight behind the star ratings. Take this one for example – the guy has given the product 2 stars despite the fact that according to him it really worked.

Ageless Male Max Ingredients

Very unfair in our opinion, of course there are cheaper products out there (although whether they work or not is another matter). Come on now Jim, give these guys a break.

Anything Missing?

Some of the most effective natural T-boosting ingredients are missing from Ageless Male Max.

The Missing:

  • Magnesium – It’s shown to increase both free and total T levels in the body.
  • Boron – Boron helps you produce more testosterone when taken at doses of 10mg or more per day.
  • Luteolin – A fantastic aromatase inhibitor, luteolin is a natural flavonoid that prevents your testosterone from being converted to estrogen.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – Boosts motivation, energy, productivity, and hormones like testosterone.

How to Take (Dosage Directions)

Ageless Male Max dosage directions are 1 capsule, twice per day. You can safely take it both with or without food, depending on your preference.

It’s worth mentioning that one bottle will last you a full month if you take the recommended dosage.

Side Effects

We’re happy to report that you shouldn’t experience any serious side effects from taking this product.

While it does have a proprietary blend, most of the ingredients in the blend are herbs and vegetable extracts. So there shouldn’t be any reason to worry.

Ageless Male Max features ingredients that are backed by clinical research. While they aren’t proven to boost testosterone, we do like that they didn’t lead to any negative side effects in clinical settings.

The only warning though, is that this product could contain some caffeine. How much, we don’t know as the dosage is masked in a proprietary blend. This could be a problem if you’re sensitive to stimulants.

Price And Value For Money?

Ageless Male Max price is around $40, depending on where you buy it. It’s available on a number of third party sites.

As far as value for money goes, we couldn’t give it top marks or a glowing buy-rating due to the proprietary blend. Some of the ingredients are great, but the majority of them don’t have their doses disclosed, making it impossible to assess effective those ingredients are.

Ageless Male Max is available on

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Conclusion on Ageless Male Max Review

So that brings our review to a close.

While it does include some great ingredients, and we like it’s aims, there are better products on the market with better ingredients profiles.

We don’t think it’s a bad product, but for a price of $40 you’d expect a bit more.

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