60235-alla-semenova-49_finalAlla Semenova might be a new name for many, but in Europe she is very well known after winning numerous amateur competitions in the IFBB Amateur circuit. A few of these competitions are Fitness-bikini model Overall Winner Olympia Amateur Europe, Overall Champion Europe, Overall Champion World Cup twice and World Championship.

Winning the Vancouver Pro show this weekend may be her first IFBB Pro victory, but we can expect her to be a dominant force in the Bikini class.

Even IFBB Legend Shawn Ray posted on MD’s forum saying: “We may have a new Ms Olympia Bikini Winner this year in Alla!!”

Alla Semenova to many can easily give Ashley Kaltwasser a good fight for the title… but we must remember, Ashley is the champion and you have to bring a perfect package to take the title away from the reigning champion.





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