Andreas Cahling

CahlingAndreasAndreas Cahling was born on November 19, 1952 and was raised in Sweden. He began weight training to improve his strength for wrestling and judo when he was just twelve!

Before settling in Southern California in 1976 to focus on his career in competitive bodybuilding, Andreas won the Swedish Junior National Judo & Free Style Wrestling Championships and had studied in Japan for a year to perfect his skills.

During his second year of amateur bodybuilding competition in the United States, Andreas placed second at the IFBB Mr. World contest after having been a finalist in both the AAU Mr. California and the AAU Mr. America earlier that same year.

Andreas won his professional bodybuilding standing in 1980 after taking the overall title at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s IFBB Professional Mr. International contest.

During the ten years of international, world class competition that followed; Andreas never once missed being a finalist, including high placings at both the Mr. Universe and IFBB Pro World Championships.

His famous physique has graced hundreds of magazine covers around the world for over twenty years.

His articles on training and nutrition have also been featured in FLEX magazine, Muscle & Fitness and others too numerous to mention.

Andreas+Cahling+-+look+ma+no+air.Bodybuilding titles
2012 IFBB Masters Olympia & Pro World 16th
2011 IFBB Pro World Masters Championships 13th
1993 IFBB Niagra Falls Pro 18th
1993 IFBB Chicago Pro 20th
1993 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro NP
1990 IFBB Niagra Falls Pro 4th
1984 IFBB World Pro 6th
1981 IFBB Grand Prix Canada 6th
1981 IFBB World Grand Prix 6th
1980 IFBB Mr. International 1st
1979 IFBB European Mens Championships 3rd
1979 IFBB Mr. International 2nd
1978 IFBB Mr. International 6th
1978 IFBB World Amateur Championships 5th
1977 IFBB Mr. World 2nd
1977 AAU Mr. America 4th
1977 AAU Mr. California 6th
1976 AAU Mr. Gold’s Classic 1st
1976 Mr. America’s Bicentennial Man 2nd
1976 Mr. Venice Beach 1st
1975 Mr. Sweden 5th
1969 Mr. Sweden
1969 Jr. Mr. Scandinavia 3rd
1969 Jr. Mr. Sweden 3rd

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