William Bonac Wins his second Arnold Classic Title

Arnold Classic promoters deny allegations that prize money was not paid.

Earlier this week, Evolutionofbodybuilding.net published an article that alleged athletes did not receive their prize money after competing at the 2020 Arnold Classic USA.

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Nick Trigili published a video indicating that he was contacted by various athletes from different divisions informing him that they still did not receive their prize money.

According to the athletes, they have contacted the Arnold Sports management and the response was that they are waiting for a government loan.

A few days after Evolutionofbodybuilding.net’s article was published, this website was contacted by the organizers of the Arnold Classic USA.

The Arnold Classic organizers denied all claims that the athletes were not paid.

The organizers went on to confirm that the majority of athletes were paid immediately, but at the same time they confirmed some were not paid was because they did not give the correct bank information.

They also insisted that some athletes did not send bank details for payment to take place.

“Taking the best care of the athletes is always a top priority and an essential part of running the best possible event year after year” the organizers concluded.

If the athletes did not receive their prize money for the reasons mentioned above by the AC organizers, they are the ones responsible for spreading false allegations.