Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn’t Afraid of Death

WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn’t Afraid of Death, He’s “Pissed Off” By It.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a guest on the popular Howard Stern Show.

The show was recorded on October 7, 2019 and Arnold was asked a very interesting question by Howard.

The subject of death came up and Howard Stern asked Arnold if he was afraid to die.

Arnold said “I am not afraid of death, I am pissed off about it.”

Arnold continued “Especially when you have a life like we had and it’s over, it really pisses you off.”

Where are we going to go when we die? was the next question.

Arnold replied “We are going to go six feet under and we are going to rot, hopefully there is a life after this.”

Arnold continued to say that he is furious about death and he wants to live forever.

As the interview continued, Arnold talked about politics and as well a new sequel to Twins with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy as another brother.