arnold schwarzenegger May 2015The 2015 Arnold Classic Brazil ended with Big Ramy taking top honours and Cedric McMillan placing second.

It is a known fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks Cedric is one of the best bodybuilders today as he insists that he has one of the most aesthetic physiques in the sport.

When Cedric McMillan placed fourth at the Arnold Classic USA, Arnold immediately expressed his disappointment after the show saying that the judges have to judge the whole package and not just big muscles.

Now after the 2015 Arnold Classic Brazil, at his seminar with the fans after the show, Arnold Schwarzenegger criticized another aspect of the judging system.

Schwarzenegger said that if the points were given for posing, the results could have been different, hinting that Cedric would have won.

Arnold was quick to say that Cedric McMillan had the best posing routine as it showed every part of his physique in the best possible way.

It must be said as well that Cedric made Arnold happy when he walked up to the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger and hit the same pose. That obviously scored points for Cedric in Arnold’s books.

Giving points for a great posing routine would be a great idea as many bodybuilders invest a lot of time and effort to produce a great routine.

The bodybuilding contest cannot be won just on mass alone, but it has to be a complete package.

Arnold also stated that the women put much more effort in posing/performance and the men are falling behind.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would start a campaign on bringing points back for posing, and with his star power he should have a great effect on this.

It is becoming a regular occurrence for Arnold to criticize something in the sport lately. Maybe it is about time that the 7X Mr Olympia has a say in the sport.

Arnold is surely investing in the sport with Arnold Sport Festivals popping up all over the world.

Saying all this, one has to be careful as well…. As all the praise that Arnold is giving to Cedric, could eventually backfire. If Cedric is to win an Arnold Classic, critics will surely say that he won because Arnold wanted him to.

Arnold has been putting a lot of pressure on the judges for the good of the sport… but using the same bodybuilder as an example can possible ruin his chances of winning.




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