Arnold Schwarzenegger's official Facebook

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s official Facebook page offline.

This is not the news you would expect about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As we all know, Arnold has millions of followers on all of his social media. One would expect his pages to be bullet proof.

Schwarzenegger’s Facebook page seems to have been ‘Terminated’ in major parts of Europe.

The link to his official Facebook page is: When the page was online, Arnold was enjoying a following of over 16 million likes.

How did find out? Well it’s very simple, we tried tagging Arnold on a post on Facebook.

As we thought this was a problem on our end, we checked with some of our good friends in the bodybuilding and fitness world all over Europe and they seem to have the same problem.

We have also received confirmation that the page is offline in Thailand  as well.

At the time of publication we received confirmation that the Facebook page is online in the USA.

Whatever the problem is, we hope it is resolved immediately.