Arnold Sports Amateur Olympia

Arnold Sports UK and Olympia Amateur UK scheduled on same dates.

The Arnold Sports Festival UK organizers are increasing their promotion for the big event that is going to take place between 1-3 October, 2021.

Since their campaign started, new events and celebrities have been confirmed for this new event that is going to take place in the UK.

With 2017 Strongest Man Champion Eddie Hall being involved as co-promoter for the Arnold Sports Festival UK, strongman competitions will be one of the main events during the weekend in October 2021.

The organizers have a star-studded lineup of special guests coming to the event. UFC stars Georges St-Pierre and Khabib Nurmagomedov will together be making an appearance. The legendary Olympic athlete Usain Bolt and bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler will also be making an appearance at the Arnold Sports Festival UK.

With numerous sport disciplines being confirmed, the heart of the Arnold Sports Festival franchise was still left in the dark.

The association or federation that is to sanction the bodybuilding event has still not been confirmed.

Every bodybuilding fan and athlete, especially in Europe, are being kept in the dark about who will sanction the bodybuilding event at the Arnold Sports Festival UK.

Would it be the Jim Manion’s NPC/Pro League or Rafael Santonja’s IFBB/Elite Pro?

A confusing situation

A video was posted on an Instagram story was recently published. The author of the video, AJ Kelly Robert, is a prominent bodybuilding media figure who was with 2BroPro’s co-founder Ian Constable at the time of making the video.

When Ian was asked if there will be an 2021 Arnold Classic UK, Ian answered with a sarcastic “who knows?”.

An official announcement is still to be made by 2BrosPro or the Arnold Sports Festival UK organizers if the Arnold Sports UK will be sanctioned be the NPC/Pro League.

2BrosPro also announced today that registrations are open for the 2021 Amateur Olympia Weekend UK that will also be taking place between 1-3 October, 2021.

This presents a very confusing situation for amateur athletes as both the Arnold Sports Festival UK and the Olympia Amateur UK are both taking place between 1-3 October, 2021.

Arnold Sports Festival UK and the Amateur Olympia UK are both taking place between 1-3 October, 2021

A number of scenarios can be predicted

If the Arnold Sports Festival organizers or Arnold Schwarzenegger himself do decide to hand over the bodybuilding competition at the Arnold Classic UK to the NPC/Pro League, amateur athletes will have a difficult time deciding were to compete. Both the Olympia Amateur UK and Arnold Sports Festival UK are taking place on the same weekend, with the possibility of different venues.

Another scenario could be that Rafael Santonja’s IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro could possibly sanction the Arnold Classic UK bodybuilding competition, while the NPC/Pro League continue with their Amateur Olympia UK during the same weekend. This would obviously have to take place at different venues. Athletes from both the IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro and NPC/Pro League would both have the opportunity to compete this way.

The final scenario could be that the 2021 Arnold Sports Festival UK and Amateur Olympia UK take place at the same venue and integrate bodybuilding events.

For example, the Amateur Olympia UK would take care of the amateur bodybuilding events, while the Arnold Classic UK would coordinate the pro show. This would run smoothly since both events are sanctioned by the NPC/Pro League.

A decision must be confirmed regarding who will be sanctioning the Arnold Sports Festival UK’s bodybuilding events. The amateur and pro athletes must be informed so they can plan their contest schedule.

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