Australia Qualifier – New South Wales

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2018 Arnold Classic Australia Qualifier – New South Wales

The second in a series of 2018 Arnold Classic Australia qualifiers took place in Australia this weekend.

The first was in Queensland and the second took place in New South Wales on 24 February, 2018.

The next one will be in Melbourne on 10 March, 2018.

Photos courtesy: IFBB Pro League Australia Official Facebook Page

Official Results


O/100kg Bodybuilding
1st Sidique Tarawally
2nd Chance Tattershall
3rd Ilkka Howard

U/100kg Bodybuilding:
1st Adam Browner
2nd Dayton Arcia
3rd Sonny Inan

U/90kg Bodybuilding:
1st Anthony Flammia
2nd Nathan Martsoukos
3rd Tyson Donnelly

U/80kg Bodybuilding
1st Chris Schneider
2nd Byron Brun-Smits
3rd Liam Eyre

Under 70kg Bodybuilding:
1st Nathan Hollier
2nd Rowel Tancio
3rd Omar Abdelhamid

Novice Bodybuilding:
1st Dayton Arcia
2nd Rory O’Donnell
3rd Ben Zerial

Bodybuilding Juniors
1st Ethan Gohari
2nd Conor Tapsell
3rd Ben Zerial

Bodybuilding Masters:
1st Scott Gardiner
2nd Shane Popher
3rd Paul Ciantar

Classic Physique Overall Winner Bentham Hassani!

Classic Physique Open:
1st Behnam Hassani
2nd Karl Luna
3rd Jamie Skippen

O/100kg Bodybuilding
1st Sidique Tarawally
2nd Chance Tattershall
3rd Ilkka Howard

Men’s Physique Overall Winner Mohammad Khamisabadi

Men’s Physique Masters
1st Dave Ginn
2nd Bernard Huang

Men’s Physique First Timers
1st Mohammed Dandachli
2nd Daniel Deguara
3rd Adam Hamw

Bikini Overall Champion Shanae DiCicco

Bikini Masters
1st Katherine Vaca
2nd Despina Farsarakis

Bikini Junior
1st Shanae DiCicco
2nd Jourmana Rizko
3rd Felicia Markos

Bikini First Timers
1st Leesa Jones
2nd Monica Medjumurac
3rd Jessica O’Brien

Figure Overall Champion
Rose Black

Women’s Fitness
Kaylah Daly

Women’s Physique
1st Kimberly DeBono
2nd Carlotta de Bortoli
3rd Lindsey Badato

Figure Novice
Chloe Walker

Figure Open
1st Rose Black
2nd Elise Fargie
3rd Sara Preston

Figure Masters
1st Joy Flint
2nd Bec Studds
3rd Lisa Callingham

Figure First Timers
1st Famida Ali
2nd Chloe Walker