Blaz Spegel (SLO) 1st place Juniors Men´s Physique

By Wolfgang Schober (PhD)

REVIEW: International Austrian Championships 2018 – Juniors and Masters Physique.

The four physique classes had 41 competitors, a great number.

What attracted the attention were the attempts of athletes to increasingly incorporate elements of bodybuilding such as double-biceps in I-Walk, “Christmas tree” in back views, and brutal definitions.

However, this is completely contrary to the official judging criteria and guidelines for the physique classes. When the jurors did their work according to the prescribed rules  (what else should they have done?) – and corresponding results have been announced, some athletes pretended to be surprised.

It would have been so easy for the athletes to check:,a look into the rules and regulations would have certainly been helpful to help them earn better results at the competition.

Junior Physique
Manuel Wilfing (AUT, 6th place) showed pleasing lines. Manuel has an impressive V-shape, which is beneficial in other categories, but not in the Physique. Albin Kaukovic (AUT, 5th place) presented himself pleasant and sympathetic. If he dehydrates a little less at his next start, he will probably jump into the medal ranks. Riccardo Oehri (FL, 4th place) was well trained and presented himself sympathetic.

With Ali Azemi (AUT, 3rd place) an athlete tripped over himself. Ali is a very good athlete, however, when he hits his impressive muscles to the limit with every movement in the Junior Physique, this is a clear omission of the subject. He was only saved from a lower rating by his beautiful lines. Josef Kogler (AUT, 2nd place) was THE discovery in the Physique from an Austrian point of view. With relaxed elegance, he presented his talent. Josef has wide shoulders, a slim waist and sensational abs. His definition was by far not as pronounced as in the case of the aforementioned athletes, which facilitated a positive evaluation in accordance with the regulations.

The Slovenian Blaz Spegel won with equal points in the final but one point ahead of the semis.

Masters Physique
Manfred Hainz (AUT, 3rd place) put on a solid performance for his first competition, presented himself pleasing and impressed with beautiful lateral abs. Rene Winkler (AUT, 2nd place) came out heavier than in previous years, but had also worked on his proportions. Generally spoken Rene brought a good overall package on stage, but will have to consider whether he would like to continue the current path of muscle building, because then it would probably make sense to change the category. Internationally experienced Giuseppe Scala (AUT) won with good abs, a pleasing presentation and sympathetic stage presence.