The Belt and Road World Bodybuilding & Fitness International Cup Elite Ranking event & IFBB Elite Pro Qualifier.

Xi’An, the first historical capital of China, UNESCO World Heritage and one of the most attractive sites in the Asian continent will host next September Belt and Road.

The Belt and Road Championship, hosted by the Xi’An Government with CBBA and IFBB, is an event amateur and pro Qualifier open for all the IFBB Affiliated Federations that  will offer in prize money $80.000, and is an event qualifier for both, Elite Pro Status and the International Ranking.

The competition will take place 17-22 September, 2018

We encourage the IFBB National Federations to send your athletes to share this great life and sport experience.

Opening Ceremony at South Gate

The competition will have a spectacular open ceremony in front of the beautiful South Gate of the ancient city wall.

This gate is known as “eternal peace” and it is only opened in very special circumstances. It will be opened for the IFBB Belt & Road Championship.

The Antique Greeting Ceremony at the South Gate of Xi’an  is regarded as the greatest ceremony in ancient China. It is the highest-level greeting ceremony for the country’s guests, which reproduces the greeting ceremony for distinguished gests in Tang Dynasty. This great ceremony is not only a cultural ritual incorporating the long history of the ancient capital Xi’an and the Silk Road style, but also a courteous reception which can be traced back to the glorious Tang Dynasty.

Semifinals: Shaanxi Radio and TV Theatre

The event will take  place at the Shaanxi Radio and Television Theatre.

This huge and modern auditorium provided with all services for athletes, officials and spectators.

Finals at Kai Yuan Square

The Grand Final will take  place in the beautiful Square of Kai Yuan, in the Ancient City, with more than 40 meters of screen and also, screens at the columns.

IFBB and CBBA making history together  for our sport in Xi’An, the legendary first capital of the Chinese Empire, that  is waiting for this great celebration of Bodybuilding and Fitness.


In order to expand the influence of this event and fully display the cultural connotation of Xi’an and its vitality of being a modern city, the final of this event will be on live TV broadcast  provided by the Sports Channel of CCTV.

Also, the event semifinals and finals will be retransmitted as well in the IFBB TV via streaming.

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Design of the South Gate as it will look at the Opening Ceremony on September 19th, with giant screens and platforms.