Ben Weider WorldWide Classic

IFBB Pro League announce Ben Weider WorldWide Classic.

The IFBB Pro League have released an announcement revealing a new contest series called the Ben Weider WorldWide Classic.

The Ben Weider name was used in previous competitions (Ben Weider Legacy Cup, Ben Weider Diamond Cup) related to the IFBB International up to 2017.

After the IFBB suspended Jim Manion and the IFBB Pro League during the 2017 Olympia Amateur Las Vegas, Ben Weider’s son, Eric Weider went on to give the rights of the Ben Weider name to the IFBB Pro League after the split.

This is another move from the IFBB Pro League to penetrate the worldwide bodybuilding and fitness market knowing that the IFBB International have a strong following with 196 Affiliated countries.

This is the press release in full:

Ben Weider WorldWide Classic