demey award 3The 2015 Amateur Olympia in Spain will always be remembered as a special day by bodybuilding legend Berry de Mey.

While on holiday in Spain this weekend, Berry and his family had to go over to the 2015 Amateur Olympia and enjoy the atmosphere.

While there, Berry’s good friend Armando Marquez asked him to come up to the stage to present a very special award.

Berry obviously thought that the award would be going to either Bill Tierney, Olympia promoter Robin Chang or other respected IFBB delegates at the show.

While Berry was waiting for IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja to finish his speech, he had no idea who it would be.

All of a sudden, Dr. Santonja presented the award to Berry de Mey for the work he has done for the IFBB throughout his career.

Berry was shocked and thankful for the award and he told the audience that this award symbolizes everything he has done in the sport. Berry also said that he was truly honored for this great recognition.

Berry de Mey truly is an ambassador to the sport of bodybuilding. Berry is involved heavily in the IFBB Amateur shows all over Europe helping out and sharing his knowledge of the sport to the new athletes.

Congratulations Berry from!!



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