Best Fat Burners

Best Fat Burners for Bodybuilding

Cutting through unwanted fat is all a part of bodybuilding and is the moment you get to really reveal all that hard work. Anyone who’s done it, will probably say that burning unwanted fat is hard. As a bodybuilder there are a load of recommended products that can help you burn fat. But which are the best?

Below is our list of Best Fat Burners for Bodybuilding.

Fat Burner buying guide

Fat burners are supplements that work best with a dedicated exercise program. In this list we’re presuming you’re training at least 3 days a week. Remember, you need to be in a calorie defecit to maximise the effects of fat burners.

This calorie deficit may present an issue for bodybuilders, as you don’t want to lose strength and definition. But, with the products listed below, and keeping protein intake high, you may be able to achieve muscle gains whilst using a fat burner for fat loss.

#1 Fighters Core – Burn Fat whilst Keeping and Building Muscle and Strength (Recomp)

An Essential supplement for effective bodybuilding fat loss and other massive benefits to muscle mass and performance.

Fighters Core is an high end fat burner for bodybuilders who are cutting. Why? It doesn’t just use ingredients to help you cut fat, it also supports muscle growth and maintenance.

Fat burners generally support weight loss using thermogenic compounds, which jack up your daily energy expenditure. Fighters Core is different as it can directly contribute to muscle retention, if not muscle growth when training.

All this alongside its ability to make cutting feel easier than ever. Fighters Core is the best fat burner for bodybuilders, and has even been rated so elsewhere.

Verified Effects of Fighters Core for bodybuilders

  • Boost metabolic rate and jack up calorie burn
  • Increase and retain muscle mass during fasted periods
  • Target stored fat as fuel and burn it
  • Reduce your appetite and cut comfortably
  • Recover better and sleep better
  • Help reduce exercise related inflammation and joint pain

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Key Ingredients in Fighters Core:

Calcium HMB:

Calcium HMB should be top of your list when looking for fat burning supplements that contribute to lean muscle. Calcium HMB helps to retain muscle and could even potentially help build muscle whilst your cutting unwanted fat. Because of the relationship between fat and lean muscle, this is an amazing ingredient and one that makes Fighters Core one of the best fat burner supplements for athletes.

Green Tea Extract:

Green tea can help increase your metabolism and help the breakdown of fatty acids in the liver. You see this ingredient in nearly every best fat burner, simply because it works, it’s been highly studied and as well as the breakdown of fat, offers energy and focus.


Another staple of every fat burning supplement is caffeine. Caffeine is crucial for an effective fat burner as it ingredients daily calorie burn and energy levels, even when you’re in a calorie deficit. Fighters Core contains an accurate dose of caffeine, which will help you gym performance too.

Coleus Forskohlii:

Coleus Forskohlii can impact key hormonal messengers and also affect cAMP levels in the body. This means that firstly, coleus forskohlii can impact body composition through it’s ability to target fat cells for fuel, and also build new muscle due to its ability to leverage key sexual hormones in both men and women.

Who is Fighters Core for?

Fighters Core is a fat burner ideal for any bodybuilders looking to maintain and even build new muscle all whilst fat burning. As a natural fat burner, Fighters Core won’t lead to any harmful or unwanted side effects. Allow you to fully focus on carving out a pro level physique.


  • Fat burning that focuses on burning fat AND building muscle
  • Less fat + more muscle = better performance
  • Ignite thermogenesis with research backed ingredients
  • Contributes to muscle growth
  • Stacks well with protein
  • Fast free delivery
  • Vegetarian Friendly


  • Only available direct
  • Only available in the United States

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#2 ShredCBD – Recover and Lean Muscle

An Essential supplement for effective bodybuilding fat loss and other massive benefits to muscle mass and performance.

ShredCBD might come as a surprise, but this is a high end fat burner that provides 3 premium natural fat burning ingredients. CBD (obviously), green tea and garcina cambogia. It’s a highly effective blend that comes grounded in the very recent science of CBD supplementation. ShredCBD is a product designed for bodybuilders and athletes, as such it uses premium CBD isolate, which causes no unwanted side effects and is well under legal limits of THC.

Verified Effects of ShredCBD for bodybuilders:

  • Reduce cortisol (stress hormone that destroys testosterone)
  • Boost metabolic rate
  • Reduce your appetite and cut comfortably
  • Recover better and sleep better
  • Help reduce exercise related inflammation and joint pain

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Key Ingredients in ShredCBD:

CBD – A bodybuilders new best friend

  • Cut Weight Comfortably
  • Hammer down cortisol and reduce weight gain
  • Sleep and recover better for bigger gains

CBD is a powerhouse ingredient. In recent studies, it’s been found that it can serve as an appetite suppressant and also help boost your metabolic rate. CBD plays a major role in your bodies ECS, which is another recent discovery. This part of your body controls hormones, metabolism and countless other bodily functions. By supplementing CBD you’ll find you don’t just benefit from weight loss, but you can recover from exercise quicker and will also experience less pain and inflammation. CBD also helps reduce cortisol levels, which make it a perfect candidate as a fat burner for bodybuilders. This means your testosterone levels have a good chance at being elevated post workout when they’d normally plummet. You could.also feel more comfortable and less stressed.

Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins. These have been studied and found to help reduce unwanted fat by increasing levels of fat oxidation. There is also evidence to suggest green tea can boost your metabolic rate and provide you with a whole host of other fat burning benefits. Green tea is a great ingredient for any bodybuilder looking for a natural fat burner supplement.

Garcinia Cambogia

Widely know in the fat loss community as something that can help block the development of new fat and also influence appetite reduction, Garcinia Cambogia isn’t the best ingredient ShredCBD could’ve added into their formula, but it’s not a complete waste!

Who is ShredCBD for?

ShredCBD is a supplement that can be used by the most hardcore of athletes, competing in bodybuilding shows. Or just the average guy looking to cut back fat. Even if you’re not in a cutting phase, you can still benefit massively from ShredCBD. See how powerful ShredCBD is for bodybuilders cutting fat here. Pros

  • A pro level fat burner with a massive edge on the competition
  • Reduces cortisol
  • Improves exercise performance and recovery
  • Can be stacked alongside nearly any other supplement
  • Easy to use dosing structure
  • Fast free delivery


  • CBD is expensive, so this is more for serious athletes
  • Only available in the United States
  • Garcinia is a bit of a dated ingredient but still effective

#3 Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is a high priced product that contains a high amount of vitamin D as well as other premium quality fat burning ingredients. Hunter Burn is mainly aimed at professional males, but is also a pretty good bet for any bodybuilders looking to cut back unwanted fat too. It’s high dose of Vitamin D makes it an ideal product for anyone with lower testosterone levels looking to jack them up too.

Key Ingredients in Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn uses ‘premium’ top of the range ingredients to help you boost your metabolism but also promote testosterone production and have other fat burning benefits. They don’t have a huge formula, much like ShredCBD, but as with ShredCBD the product offers high quality ingredients that should give you peace of mind if you supplement it. 

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is thought to help raise testosterone levels. As such it’s found in many natural test booster supplements. With an increase in testosterone also comes a decrease in fat and an increase in muscle mass. It’s not a direct metabolism booster, but is certainly an interesting addition to any fat burner

Matcha Green Tea 

So as we mentioned above, Green tea is a staple for any natural fat burner. And should be one of the top ingredients you look out for in a bodybuilding fat burner. Hunter Burn uses matcha green tea, which contains higher levels of ECGC, making it a more effective thermogenic. 

White Kidney Bean 

If you’re a sucker for indulging in sugar and other carb filled treats then white kidney bean can help target the bad bits of these kinds of foods and turn them into energy. This means you’ll feel more energised and be less likely to put on weight if you fall off the wagon with snacking.

Who is Hunter Burn for?

Hunter Burn is a supplement aimed at ‘professionals’, but in reality it’s a great supplement for bodybuilders too. It uses high end premium ingredients and benefits from a wealth of good reviews online. It doesn’t just target fat, but as with ShredCBD can help with those all important testosterone levels. 


  • High quality ingredients
  • Well researched blend
  • Vitamin D and male target fat burner
  • Fast shipping
  • Multi buy deals
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Expensive ($75)
  • Only available direct
  • Not vegetarian friendly

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#4 Performix SST Cuts

Performix are a brand who are heavy on the science. Their supplements are clean and look incredible. To go alongside this SST Cuts offers a pretty good fat burner for bodybuilders looking to Shred down. Whilst it’s pretty pricey, it’s a fairly safe bet with its fat burning results.

Key Ingredients in SST Cuts

Overall Performix have put 8 ingredients into SST Cuts. Most of these are safe, natural and proven . They do have a fairly sizeable dose of stimulants in this product which could cause issues for some people. And while stimulants are good at helping with a cut, they can also cause problems with rest and cause unwanted side effects.

Ashwagandha Ashwagandha is a great ingredient to have as it again can influence your body fat but also has been studied as a potential libido enhancer and testosterone booster. We rate Ashwagandha as a good ingredient for a natural steroid alternative in the right dose, and in a bend with other ingredients. This is a nice shout to have in a fat loss supplement for a bodybuilder on a cutting cycle. 

Caffeine Caffeine is a highly studied metabolism booster and ingredient that can you give you a much needed boost and bit of energy if you’re calories are low during your fat cut. Because it’s so well studied, its’ very safe. However this doesn’t mean it comes without side effects. As such, be cautious when you supplement SST Cuts as you don’t want to end up feeling tired. 

CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a very common ingredient in fat burners. Studies are slightly conflicting surrounding CLA, however there are plenty of bodybuilders who would deem it an essential supplement to help you preserve muscle mass whilst shred weight.

Who is SST Cuts for?

SST Cuts is for anyone looking to cut fat and who wants a product that’s going to give them a burst of energy. It offers a good mix of ingredients and is the more conventional fat burner on this list. In terms of bodybuilding it’s got good reviews online. For us though, we’d still recommend sticking with option 1 or 2 and then adding a bit of black coffee into your diet pre workout. This way you don’t have to worry as much about energy crashes and jitters. 


  • CLA can influence muscle mass
  • Good amount of caffeine for a metabolism boost
  • Some proven thermogenic ingredients like capsicum
  • Trusted brand and product that’s widely available


  • No green tea
  • High quantity of stimulants
  • Quite expensive given the blend ($69.00)

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Some Essential Fat Burning Tips for Bodybuilders:

1)It’s all about calories

Even with one of the fat burners on this list, in order to burn fat you need to be in a calorie deficit. It’s simple science. Above are products that are picked to provide the biggest benefits to you whilst you are hangry and still having to hit the gym HARD. If you’re not under your daily maintenance rate of calories, you won’t be cutting back any fat. It’s simple. 

2) Drink water 

Drinking water will help keep you hydrated but also feeling more satisfied and aid in overall fat burning. Keep a bottle of water handy at all times and keep drinking. Also stop drinking beer. So many bodybuilders forget the amount of calories in a simple, crisp and tasty beer. If you’re on a serious cut, beer should go. 

3) Switch to full body workouts and add high intensity 

If you’re wanting to maximise calories burnt in a weights session, consider changing things up and going for full body workouts. Remember, the more muscles you are using, the greater the number of calories. The more calories you drop, the more fat you can burn. 

4) Don’t starve yourself. 

Allowing the occasional sweet treat and keeping a healthy calorie deficit mean you’re not going to be miserable and fall off the wagon completely when the weekend rolls around.

We’ve not just got a list of rip off supplements, but tried to offer a range of 3 different fat burners that can have a profound effect on your fat loss, but also on your performance in the gym. If you’re looking to cut back unwanted fat safely, with some impressive results, then these are the natural products that you need to be investing in. 

Why Bodybuilders Should Use Fat Burners?

Cutting weight for a bodybuilding show is hard, and when you drop calories to begin to reveal your hard earned muscle, your body will start to use that same muscle as fuel. Sadly, there are no ways to completely stop it.

Fat burners offer a way to maximise the amount of fat targeted to be used as fuel, and instead of cutting and losing a lot of lean muscle mass, bodybuilders can hold onto as much strength as possible during the cut.

Fat burners also provide away for lifters to stay far more comfortable during a cut. Ingredients that offer appetite suppression and improvements to recovery, can really stop you reaching for the snack that doesn’t fit in your macros for the day.

Depending on how you decide to diet, obviously. Our fat burners in the number 1 and 2 spots will offer a way for bodybuilders to reduce cortisol and improve testosterone levels also. Which is crucial to help you keep hold of your muscle and lose just fat too. 

How We Choose our Best Fat Burners for Bodybuilding 

When we built our list of the bat fat burners for bodybuilding we had a few key metrics to ensure we could fully get behind this list of products.

1) Research backed ingredients

We use various sources to check that each ingredient in these supplements is backed by some form of scientific study. This helps ensure you are getting something that has the highest chance of working. It also keeps you safe from side effects. 

2) Effects that hold onto as much muscle as possible 

You don’t just want some stimulant packed product that’s going to chew through muscle as well as fat. So these products contain ingredients which can help you keep hold of lean muscle. Our fat burners optimize key hormones and ensure that you’ll be making muscle gains, or at least maximising lean muscle while undergoing fat loss.

3) They stack with other supplements (BCAA’s, protein etc) 

We made sure that each of these will fit into a supplement stack. Our #1 product can be stacked alongside another fat burner actually, and the other 2 are fine with protein and BCAA’s etc.