Best Natural Bodybuilder Ever

WATCH: Keone Pearson – The Best Natural Bodybuilder Ever?

Keone Pearson is one of the most talked about athletes in the Classic Physique class.

This young bodybuilder has fantastic genetics and he is now being trained by bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler and PJ Braun, owner of Blackstone Labs.

Keone will be competing at the 2019 Arnold Classic USA on 1 March 2019.

In a recent podcast on Blackstone’s Labs official Youtube page, the main subject of the show was the announcement that Keone Pearson is totally natural.

One might say this is a bold statement to make when you see the fantastic physique that Keone presents.

PJ Braun is so sure of this that he challenged anybody to try to prove Keone wrong.

PJ made a bet with anybody that wants to challenge them. The challenger bets $10,000 and PJ will double that amount to $20,000.

If the Keone fails the new test, the challenger will take all the money home, but if Keone wins and proves he is natural with another test, he keeps the $20,000.

Do you believe Keone is totally natural?