Best Recovery Supplements

The Best Recovery Supplements for Bodybuilding.

Recovering from training is an essential part of developing as athlete. How you recover, can influence every aspect of performance. Be it recovering for bodybuilding, or endurance running. Recovery allows time for muscle to build and testosterone to build up too. Supplements, can assist recovery for bodybuilders in a huge way. And these are the current best recovery supplements for bodybuilders.

We’ve tried and tested these supplements to bring you essentials for your stack. They’re simple to use, effective and will get you smashing workouts fully rejuvenated each and every time. With new muscle coming thick and fast, if you work hard enough for it.

Our top supplement is currently redefining the market, and as well as something that’s essential for athlete recovery, should be on every bodybuilders list to start using. At the end of the post we will also add in some essential tips to optimise recovery from weight training, because we’re nice like that.

Here’s the Absolute Best Supplements to Help With Bodybuilding Recovery:

#1 ShredCBD

Experience the Major Benefits of CBD in a Premium Product Designed for Athlete Recovery and Fat Loss

ShredCBD is now staple recovery supplement of a ton of athletes and bodybuilders due to it’s high amount of CBD isolate.

It’s stackable alongside basically any other supplements, and because of it’s CBD, it can drastically improve sleep quality, mood and allow you to feel rejuvenated and ready to smash a weights session the next day.

Why ShredCBD is Perfect for Athlete Recovery:

  • Improves Sleep and Rest Quality
  • Reduces Joint Pain and Inflammation
  • Can Smash Down Cortisol Levels
  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Helps Keep Your Metabolism Active

The CBD Isolate they use is completely legal, has 0 psychoactive effects and also, HAMMERS DOWN CORTISOL.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that can kill testosterone and cause also sorts of restless nights. Basically when you workout your cortisol naturally increases, so if you’re looking to recover, then a supplement to lower these levels is an amazing choice.

It’s easily our top supplement, and when stacked alongside whey protein, you’ll be getting a sound nights sleep and plenty of time for that muscle to grow.

CBD plays a role in the Endocannabinoid system, which is a part of the human brain recently discovered.This system regulates key hormones, and near enough impacts every part of the human body. CBD supplementation can have some very exciting and surprising effects when it comes to recovery from bodybuilding.

ShredCBD is the best way to supplement CBD, as it comes in 60 dosed capsules, has fast free shipping and gives you peace of mind when it comes to avoiding any crappy side effect filled oils. It also has a good amount of Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia, which help promote lean muscle and are packed with antioxidants. Again, good natural ingredients that back up recovery.

ShredCBD Pros:

Based on latest Scientific Research

Zero Unwanted Side Effects

Stacks with all other supplements

Easy to use

Cost effective for expensive CBD Isolate

1200mg of CBD per bottle

Fast Free Shipping

ShredCBD Cons:

Only ships to the United States

Only available directly from

Premium Price Compared to Other Conventional Supps

-Visit ShedCBD #1 Recovery Supplement for Athletes and Bodybuilders-

#2 Centrapeak

A testosterone boosting cognition enhancing supplement

Second on the list we have Centrapeak, a supplement that can elevate testosterone levels whilst also improving cognition. Why is it best for bodybuilding recovery?

Centrapeak will ensure you can get back to your prime in the weights room and remain fresh and focused through the day. It’s increases in testosterone will also lead to more muscle.

We’ve trialled Centrapeak for 3 months and benefitted heavily from, especially if you are at the age of 30+

Centrapeaks Ingredients include a high dose of vitamin D, some key minerals that aid recovery as well as some brain boosting herbs and other natural ingredients.

Centrapeak Pros:

High doses of good recovery ingredients

Boost test levels

Improves condition

Multi buy deals

Fast shipping 

Centrapeak Cons:

Only available online

Might not aid sleep a huge amount

-Visit Centrapeak-

#3 Night Time Whey – ON Casein

If you’re lifting and building up muscle then you should be supplementing some high quality Whey protein to keep your muscles repairing and recovering. Casein offers a good chance to keep your body repairing it’s muscles right through your sleep.

We recommend ON’s Casein for a good source of Whey for night time that’ll promote some serious recovery overnight. The best thing? Is that this product can be stacked with our number #1 for some seriously effective overnight recovery.

If you’re looking to pack on damaged muscle over night, then a night time Whey and Premium CBD supplement can seriously boost this and get you performing at your peak the next day.

ON’s casein comes in a few different flavour options and servings sizes and is available at most big retailers. Bodybuilders everywhere understand that protein is essential for recovery, so a source of protein from a supplement should be a staple in your stack.

If you currently have enough protein in your diet or are using another whey product though, then you may not need to invest in this product. It’ll be a bit of overkill.

ON Casein Pros:

  • Protein promotes muscle building
  • Different flavours
  • Fairly cheap
  • Widely available
  • Stacks well

ON Casein Cons:

  • A basic protein source, might not be needed
  • Some contain sugars which damage sleep and recovery

#4 Mens Multivitamin

 Cover all bases with a high powered multi vitamin

All bodybuilders should have a high quality multi vitamin in their stack to aid workout recovery. A multi vitamin should contain key b vitamins and minerals especially. When you train hard, and we are sure you train hard, you sweat out these nutrients which can make it hard for your body to properly recover.

So by keeping a good multi vit with Zinc, Magnesium, Boron and other key minerals in it you’ll find you recover easier and better.

We don’t have a particular brand for this one, as even store bought multi vitamins can be affordable and have what you need. Just stick to one a day in the morning and it’ll support you as you grow your muscles.

Athletes everywhere use multivitamin supplements for recovery. So we had to have it in our list.

Mutlivitamins for Recovery Pros:

Ensures your body has enough vitamins and minerals

Cheap and easy to find at local stores

Can easily stack with other products

Helps keep you free from sickness


Very cheap ones might not have the right ingredients

#5 Essential AmiN.O. Energy

A dependable source of Amino acids for immediate post workout energy

Directly after a workout you may feel slightly depleted and tired. Your body has fired through a heavy session, and depleted some key compounds. By taking Amino Energy straight after a workout you’ll find that energy levels come back up, and because of the caffeine you are ready to take on the day.

The amino acids in Amino energy will head straight to your muscles and assist in repair and recovery to help build them up and get you performing at your peak quickly after you finish training.

Be aware that amino energy is caffeinated and does contain green tea though and can cause some stomach upset, especially if you are not used to supplementing it.

It’s not something you want to be taking if you are having trouble with sleeping.

Essential AmiN.O. Energy Pros:

  • Good ingredients profile
  • Good amounts of energy right after a workout
  • Affordable
  • Widely available
  • Different flavours

Essential AmiN.O. Energy Cons:

  • Not going to help you sleep
  • Easy to get amino acids from a diet
  • Contains caffeine

-See Amino Energy-

Tips for Maximising Bodybuilding and Athlete Recovery with Supplements

1) Make sure you sleep. Sleep is the most essential part of the recovery process, which is why we recommended ShredCBD as the number #1 recovery supplement. It promotes sleep and a reduction in cortisol, both will get you jacked.

2) Drink water. Once again, like sleep, this is simple. But most people under consume water. It’s fundamental to recovery that you stay hydrated. Keep a refillable water bottle with you at all times. And drink it.

3) Keep your diet clean. A clean diet makes its much easier for your body and your muscles to recover, and will keep you loaded with key vitamins and minerals. Using the multi vitamin will doubly ensure you are recovering in the best possible way.

4) Follow the instructions on supplements. They’re to be taken at certain times for a reason. If you pick up ShredCBD, then remember to take two a day, one mid morning and one mid afternoon.

5) Make time for sleep. Seriously. Just sleep. Studies have proven that the more rest you get the higher key hormones will be at the quicker you can return to the weight room rejuvenated and ready to build more muscle.