BREAKING NEWS: Big Ramy leaves Oxygen Gym

Big Ramy issues apology for his poor 2018 Olympia condition.

Big Ramy was the name called out for the entire build up to the the 2018 Mr. Olympia. Ramy was the man that was supposed to push aside Phil Heath and take his title.

Hopes were high, but in reality this did not happen. Not only did Big Ramy fail to bring a better version of himself in 2018, but he could be fighting for a top 5 place.

The 2017 runner-up feels that he has let down his fans and has issued an apology on his official Instagram page.

You would expect a message like this to come after the 2018 Olympia Weekend has ended, but it looks as Big Ramy and his team want to do some damage control and prepare the bodybuilding world for the finals.

Big Ramy has promised to come back better in 2019 and promised this will never happen again.

What can be said is that Big Ramy does not have to worry, nobody hates him, even the best in the world have off days. He is still young and has time to win the Sandow trophy.

This is Big Ramy’s message in full:

big_ramy Thank you everyone for the ultimate support you show me through emails and msgs.
I know most of you feel disappointed and angry and hate me.
Some say Ramy you should do this and that and they dont know how hard and painful to be up on the Olympia stage! With those amazing athletes.
I hear and read everything But you should know that i did my best GOD witness and the people around me know that.
It was a very hard prep.
I did everything i should do and follow. .
But from now on I will work to change everything.
This will never stop me this will never happen again. God bless you all

Photos of Big Ramy at the 2018 Mr. Olympia – Click HERE