WATCH: Big Ramy means business with latest video about the Mr. Olympia.

Last years runner-up Big Ramy wants it all in 2018.

Big Ramy is hungry for the Mr. Olympia title and is looking huge with the latest photo released by Bader Boodai.

The bodybuilding world has been talking about Big Ramy since the photo was published.

As well, on Big Ramy’s official Instagram page, a promotional video was published as a preview of what is to come.

In the video, the words ‘I’m Coming’ appears midway through as well ‘Last Man standing’ at the end.

Another small point that one may notice is that they wrote ‘Mr. Olympia’ under his name.

Obviously this is all good fun and hype leading up to the Olympia, but looking at the photo published, Big Ramy means business… but so does Phil Heath!