Big Ramy's fantastic condition

PHOTOS: Big Ramy’s fantastic condition one week before Arnold Classic.

The bodybuilding world was waiting anxiously to see Big Ramy after being away from the competition stage for over a year.

As usual, Big Ramy looked as he failed to hit the mark on the day of the competition.

The best Big Ramy could do was placing third, just behind Dexter Jackson and winner William Bonac.

Going into the show, Big Ramy was one of the main favorites to win the show.

When the news was revealed that Chad Nicholls was working with Ramy, expectations were very high for the Egyptian bodybuilder.

Chad is well known for being the man behind the success of legends such as Flex Wheeler and 8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman.

Days after the Arnold Classic, every critic in the industry gave their opinion on the condition of Ramy. The majority insisted that he will never hit the mark, while a few still expressed their faith in him.

Earlier this week, Big Ramy decided to show the bodybuilding world what he looked like just a week before he stepped on the stage at the Arnold Classic.

The pictures show exactly what fantastic condition Big Ramy is capable of achieving.

Ronnie Coleman is on record saying that if Big Ramy ever hits the mark he would definitely be unbeatable in a interview with David Palumbo way back in 2015.

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Big Ramy still has a lot to prove and he will eventually hit the mark and win a major show.

If the 2020 bodybuilding contest season gets back to normal, there will be enough time for Ramy to qualify for the 2020 Olympia and prove he can be a favorite for the title.