Bill Moschelle

IFBB Physique America appoints Bill Moschelle Chairman of Delawar.

“IFBB Physique America is ecstatic and exhilarated to have Bill Moschelle join the IFBBPA Team as Chairman of Delaware. Bill is a great addition to our ever-growing crew!’ exclaims IFBB Physique America CEO/President Wayne S. DeMilia.

Bill is a former military veteran, having spent 24 years in the Air Force and retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. His background is in mechanical and aeronautical engineering. He has been a competitor for 38 years as well as an NPC judge in Florida and Ohio and has promoted several contests.

He considers the highlights of his competitive career to have been able to compete in four IFBB World Championships; traveling to India, Spain, Turkey and Mexico for competition. As he thoroughly enjoyed those experiences he is pleased to join IFBB Physique America which offers athletes the same great opportunity to compete for the USA on the international stage. Bill is also delighted that IFBB Physique America is under WADA Drug-Testing Regulations and protocol.

“Bill is a person of high ethics that is a solid addition to our foundation. Individuals such as Bill is what is quickly making IFBBPA the most progressive, unique Fitness Federation in the US” boasts IFBB Physique America Executive Director John V. Calascione.