gary strydom 6This morning I woke up to see a very interesting post of Facebook by bodybuilding legend Gary Strydom.

Gary always said what he had to say and never was afraid to make his voice heard.

In his post Gary hits various topics every bodybuilding journalist or opinion writer should take note of.

Below is Gary’s post in full and not edited


Biting the hand that feeds you…


In Arnold’s day and even back in the day that I was just breaking into the bodybuilding scene there weren’t as many people on this earth and the sport didn’t have the interest level it has today. Certainly we didn’t have as many Bodybuilding pros because now days there are so many more ways that a person can turn pro…That’s a good thing but where am going with this post today needs some set up like I have below.


Thinking back I can remember and it’s the same today still where bodybuilders dream of being mentioned or featured in a Muscle Magazine and sometimes at all cost for no monies paid for work done. When I say “work” I mean it takes years to build a body that the writers want to approach for articles and pictures for free. Many of these authors and photographers were always great to me but I have noticed another side to this business. The loyalty, pride and respect is not always “paid” to the athletes.


To cut a long story short it seems like with each death of a bodybuilder there’s a new article featuring a list of athletes that died and of course insinuating that they died because of the steroids and drugs that were used when in some cases there is no clear evidence that they did and even if they did why relish in making a list of these people that have family and friends left behind that must cringe when they see this. These authors that make these lists and articles (Some are fat asses and could never stand on a stage) are the very same people that came to these now dead athletes years ago and begged for interviews and photo shoots??? FOR FREE. I blame the people at the very top that should at least respect these athletes that gave them free material when needed. Don’t turn on people when they die because it just shows how little class there really is in this sport. Makes me freakin sick. If it wasn’t for the athletes half of these magazines, the NPC, the IFBB and supplement companies would be out of business. Am just waiting for one of these deceased athletes family members to bring a huge law suit down on them like the one the NFL is currently engaged in. All I can say and this is for the RECORD on my timeline is that if anyone puts me on that list no matter if I die today tomorrow or 20 years from now I will come back and hunt you down and definitely put counsel in place to sue the pants off you scum bags. This life is a small part of it the big part comes when we die and we all die…Be careful…


Nowadays there’s more people in bodybuilding meaning there will be more people dying one day that we knew that were bodybuilders derrrr. From Arnold’s day we know less guys as there weren’t as many bodybuilders back then derrr. Bodybuilders die like normal people some people relish in making a list of bodybuilders that died to create that “WOW FACTOR”…Oh it’s the steroids…!!!! BLAB BLAB BLAB….It’s almost like the HATERS wish we would die so they can extend that list. It’s DISGUSTING…The picture of me on this post is by the way the trademark “Scarey Gery” face when I think of these punks that compile these lists of bodybuilders that have died???. Respect comes in two unchangeable steps: Giving it and receiving it. Am asking the authors, editors and owners of the muscle magazines to stop making lists of athletes insinuating they died only because of steroids or drugs when in some cases there is no clear evidence of that fact. Bodybuilders like people die too so give them ,their friends and their families RESPECT. Shame on you. MAKE A LIST OF ALL THE OLD MEN DYING ON THE GOLF COURSES EVERY DAY AND BLAME GOLF FOR THOSE DEATHS YOU IDIOTS. Am sure that list will be much longer…


Why not celebrate these people’s lives make a list of all the good stuff about each person that passes away. To all of those authors, editors, magazine owners and anyone else remember the true measure of a man or a company is how they treat others that have past that can’t read what you smearing about them in full public view. Shame on you most of these deceased athletes are my friends and am watching you. I know who you are…There’s a ugly way of saying what you doing. “Stop pissing in the river that you drink from…” Gary Strydom