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Bob Cicherillo shows no respect for 4X Olympia Physique champion Jeremy Buendia

Bob Cicherillo shows no respect for 4X Olympia Physique champion Jeremy Buendia.

It is starting to become a new trend writing about our friend, Bob Cicherillo, the IFBB Pro Athlete Representative/Show Promoter.

A job of an IFBB Pro Athlete Representative is to represent ALL the IFBB Pro athletes, no matter what category they compete in. And if not all of them, he should still have respect for all of them.

A public post was published by John Hawley about 4X Olympia Physique Champion Jeremy Buendia on his Facebook page.

Jeremy, unfortunately had to have an operation to repair a pec tear and he posted a video of himself on Instagram when he was at his best in 2017 with a message to his fans that he will be back.

This was the discussion that took place where Bob, to us, joking or not, his comments can be seen as a great disrespect towards the 4X Olympia Physique winner:

Bob Cicherillo: “Whats his title again, John….?”

John Hawley: “Like Shawn Ray might say I’m just reporting”

Bob Cicherillo “Lol…he needs to be correcting that shit. Only ONE MR. OLYMPIA title”

In two posts, Bob literally showed that he has no respect for Jeremy. Even if it was a joke, this is not something you write on a public post.

Is it because Jeremy wrote 4X Mr. Olympia Physique Champion on his Instagram profile page? Did he have to remove the ‘Mr.’? Technically he is Mr. Olympia of the Physique category, just as Flex Lewis is Mr. Olympia in the 212 category and he as well wrote that on his official Instagram page.

It is not the first time Bob Cicherillo has expressed his feelings about the Physique category and even the Bikini Category.

Yes it is true, the ultimate title is the Mr. Olympia title, but why would all these new Olympia titles be invented if they are worthless. The sport has moved forward and opened up new doors to more athletes.

Bob should reflex and compare what he did in his career and see what Jeremy has done and is still doing.

Another fact is this, if you look at all the male physiques from all the categories during the Olympia weekend, Jeremy has one of the best if not the best physiques in the world when he is at his best.

And if Bob is referring to men walking on stage with shorts… he picked the wrong guy to look down to as Jeremy can easily compete in the Classic Physique category and if he does, he would be very dangerous. Just as Jeremy has a fantastic upper body he has great leg development as well.

Not only is Cicherillo’s comments disrespectful to Jeremy but his trainer Hany Rambod, who also has 7X Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath under his watch.

These comments are as well coming days after Bob released an announcement for IFBB Pro’s that have moved on to other organizations to stop using the word IFBB Pro next to their names as it is disrespect for the current IFBB Pro’s that have stayed with the organization.

As mentioned earlier, joke or not. This is truly disrespectful Bob. Its better if you concentrate on your upcoming show in the UK and let all the athletes get the respect they deserve from others in the industry.

Bob Cicherillo shows no respect