Bob Cicherillo talks Shawn Rhoden

WATCH: Bob Cicherillo talks about Shawn Rhoden, Bonac and Buendia.

The Shawn Rhoden rape controversy continues and the top people in the sport are finally coming out and expressing their opinion on the matter.

Just a few days ago, Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon made his opinion heard on Muscular Development Ronline Report.

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Ron Harris continued by inviting IFBB Pro Athletes Representative Bob Cicherillo.

Bob has been silent about the matter since the news was published about Shawn Rhoden.

Cicherillo explains that the Jim Manion and the Pro League did not suspend Shawn Rhoden. AMI, the owners of the Olympia Weekend decided to suspend Shawn Rhoden.

After a long discussion related to Shawn Rhoden, the subject turned to the other recent controversies with William Bonac and Jeremy Buendia.