Sergio Oliva Chris Cormier breakfast

Bodybuilders breakfast with Sergio Oliva Jr. and Chris Cormier.

Join Sergio Oliva Jr. for breakfast as he explains his daily diet routine.

While Sergio is preparing his meal, the 2017 New York Pro winner talks about the sport of bodybuilding and what drives him to be a professional bodybuilder.

Sergio emphasizes that having the last name of a former Mr. Olympia does not mean you have instant success.

Oliva Jr. explains that every bodybuilder has to take the same path. Some manage to survive and others don’t, regardless how good they are.

Sergio is just getting back on his feet after going through a divorce. He explains that the majority of bodybuilders are sidelined because of external distractions.

We can’t wait to see Sergio back on stage. Be sure he will be fighting for the top spot as he tries to qualify for the 2020 Olympia Weekend.