BBing-com-NPC-GlobalA story first to be released by and confirmed by NPC Global’s official Facebook page, has teamed up with break away federation NPC Global.

It looks as the new competition will be called the NSPIRE Championships.

According to reports, AMI had asked three times the amount to stream the 2015 Olympia Weekend on, so the latter decided to call it an end.

So it seems all the pieces start to fall into place.

Kai Greene skips the Olympia because “they would not let him”, then Kai announces that he partnered up with to sell his new product range.

In the meantime, NPC and IFBB Pro League judge Lee Thompson breaks away from the the NPC and IFBB to start his own federation called NPC Global.

Now, teams up with NPC Global as their main sponsor.

As has many athletes signed up with them, the plan is to probably is to try to convince these athletes to move to this new federation.

Could all these events be all tied together? we will surely find out in the future!!

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