Kevin Levrone interviews Flex Wheeler

Bodybuilding legend Kevin Levrone interviews Flex Wheeler.

Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler are two names in the bodybuilding industry that need no introduction.

Levrone and Wheeler competed against each other trading victories in what can be said the greatest era ever in the sport of bodybuilding.

From their amateur days, these two legends went head to head for the top prizes in the industry.

Even though they were very competitive training in the gym and on the competitive stage, these two athletes grew to respect each other as brothers.

In what we believe Kevin interviewing Flex is one of the most genuine interviews (discussions) in a very long time and this is how they should be done.

There is no need for fancy recording studio or sets, just two legends on Instagram talking for a hour about their careers to the point that they shed a tear.

What is special about this interview is that it is just two legends reminiscing about their past.

Some great points were revealed during this interview.

Flex Wheeler revealed that Chris Cormier was the hardest person to train with. Cormier was one of the strongest bodybuilders around at that time and he always pushed Flex to the limit.

Another fact that many surely did not know was that Shawn Ray revealed to Levrone that he thinks Flex Wheeler is the greatest bodybuilder to ever grace the bodybuilding stage.

When asked which competitors were the most difficult to compete against, Flex did not take long to mention two names, Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates.

Flex also believes that he should of defeated Ronnie in 1999, but at the same time he believes Ronnie is the greatest Mr. Olympia of all time.

Phil Heath’s name came into the picture as well. Flex was asked if he thinks he could of defeated Phil Heath in his prime.

Going head to head, Flex believes he had the height and mass to defeat Phil Heath, if he was at his total best.‘s Kevin Grech managed to get ask a question as well.

Was it difficult to compete week after week during the European tours in the 90’s?

Competing week after week or even everyday was not a problem for the athletes back then as they were so motivated and that was a normal routine back then.

As the interview went on, Kevin and Flex continued to talk about the great times they had together during the peak of their careers.

Near the end of the video, Levrone also had some wonderful words to say about Flex that left him speechless.

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Follow Kevin Levrone on his official Instagram page: