kevin levrone July 16 2015The news that Kevin Levrone is returning to the 2016 Olympia has been the big subject in the bodybuilding world after he made it official last Saturday.

Bodybuilding’s main forums have lit up with the subject of Kevin as well and there have been mixed reactions to return. Some are hailing it as the greatest comeback ever while others think it is a waste of time. Click on the following links to take you to the related thread.

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Also and talked about this as well on their weekly radio shows, click on the following links to hear the shows: – Joe Pietaro and Gregg Valentino – Dave Palumbo and John Romano has compiled comments from some of bodybuilding’s biggest names.

Dan Solomon  –

“Kevin has always had the uncanny ability to transform his body in a remarkably short amount of time. This will be an exciting story to follow, but it’s unrealistic to think that Kevin will be among the top 15 at this stage of his life. Regardless of the outcome, Kevin’s return will inspire a lot of people, reminding us all that age is only a number.” – Dan Solomon

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Dave Palumbo –

“Kevin Levrone entering this year’s Mr Olympia is the most exciting thing to happen to the sport of bodybuilding in the last 20 years. When Lou Ferrigno made his comeback, the energy and excitement was very similar except Ferrigno was 39 and Levrone is 49… Yet Levrone has a way better chance at placing very high (possibly winning) … If he were to win the Mr O, it might be the greatest comeback in all of professional sports…. Right up there with George Foreman winning the heavyweight title at 45 and Jack Nicholas winning his last major golf championship at 46.”Dave Palumbo

Joe Pietaro –

The much-anticipated Kevin Levrone comeback is finally here after it appeared it was a case of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ But the Maryland Muscle Machine appeared to have waited until the time was right for him and his presence at the 2016 Mr. Olympia will be the story of the year in the bodybuilding industry regardless of how he places there. – Joe Pietaro


I think Kevin’s comeback is probably the best thing to EVER happen to bodybuilding since Arnold started in Pumping Iron. I know Kevin well and we talked about this extensively when he came to see me in Mexico. I knew it would take him a while to decide, and once he did, he would take this as seriously as any Olympia in the past, if not more. He’s injury free and well rested and very ready to do this. He told me if he decided to do it he would go all out like never before. Kevin has beaten Dexter every time on stage. Dex took 2nd last year. I know Heath must be worried. Kevin, at 100%, will smoke the entire lineup. I have no question. Him winning will be the single greatest accomplishment in modern sports history. I can’t wait!!! – John Romano

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