mourns death Peter Mcgough

Bodybuilding world mourns the death of Peter McGough.

Legendary bodybuilding journalist and historian, Peter McGough has unfortunately lost his eight-year battle with cancer.

He passed away on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. the news was confirmed by his wife, Anne Byron-McGough.

The work that Peter leaves behind will be cherished forever and will always be relevant.

His love for bodybuilding started at a very early age with his passion being expressed for the sport through his articulate articles.

Peter worked with the best people in the industry, including Joe and Ben Weider.

Never missing a beat, Peter continued working with the best publishers in the industry, occupying the top editorial positions.

A vast collection of his articles can be found HERE.

During his lifetime career in bodybuilding, Peter was very close to champions such as Dorian Yates and Flex Lewis. Always having a soft sport for the athlete representing the United Kingdom.

Peter’s wife Anne, left a short but emotional message announcing his passing.

On Wednesday 29th December, 2020 just before 3pm Peter McGough sadly passed away peacefully at home after an 8 year battle with Cancer fighting right to the end . He was my one true love, my soulmate and my best friend I am truly heartbroken. Peter touched so many lives, he was a great storyteller, journalist and friend to all. He made a huge impact on the world. I have asked two of his very close friends to write a more fitting memorium as I am unable to do so at the moment. I cannot tell you how much Peter and I have appreciated from the bottom of our hearts the love and support we have received from family, friends and all of our facebook friends. His imlact on the world will live on in our hearts amd minds. I love you all.
Please excuse me for not replying to your comments right now but I promise I will fead them all and reply when I am able. – Anne Byron-McGough. has always referred to Peter’s vast library of articles for inspiration and education at the same time.

His work will will be truly missed, but we are sure he will be watching us from above.

Bodybuilding Industry reacts

He was an artist. The pages were his canvas, he painted with his words. The greatest storyteller I’ve ever known. Peter McGough left us yesterday, but his legacy lives on thru the lives he touched, the lessons he taught, and his beautiful wife Anne. He was a mentor and a genius, a discovery of Joe Weider, but more importantly, he was my friend….and I’ll miss him so much. – Dan Solomon

It comes with extreme sadness to write this message after hearing the news about Peter McGough’s passing. Peter in my opinion was our sports greatest journalist, historian but most of all, mentor as he embraced so many of us crazy bodybuilders throughout the years providing incredible insight, passion and knowledge. I have so many fond memories of Peter, but my tears just won’t allow these thumbs to type them out. 8 yrs Peter fought cancer and with the love and support of his beautiful wife Anne, gave Peter the ability to still engage with many of his friends and loved ones. This picture is of Peter and I after I won the 50th Mr O and Peter definitely made sure we snapped a photo. Peter, thank you for being there for me always. Thank you for calling my job at Bally Total Fitness to fly me to Santa Monica and get my first appearance in Flex Magazine. Thank you for being at my Pro Debut in Denver as I know how hard that trip was. Thank you for always believing in me, so much that you made my second cover of Flex Magazine “The Future of Bodybuilding” as I was terrified of that pressure, but reassured me that I would achieve greatness! You helped make me the champion but also the Man I am today. May you Rest in Peace knowing that I along with many love you. I love you Peter, I love you Anne and you still have us to lean on whenever you need us. Damn I’m so upset and Lord Knows I’m trying to celebrate you but this one hurts so much. I love you Peter! – Phil Heath sends our deepest condolences to Peter’s family and friends during this difficult time.


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Peter with his friend Mark Bates
Peter with his friend Mark Bates