IFBB Pro athletes?

Bostin Loyd slams the NPC on amount of IFBB Pro cards awarded.

Bostin Loyd is not one to keep his mouth shut on controversial issues, and we like this.

Not everybody agrees with Bostin, but his recent comments about the amount of IFBB Pro cards handed out at the 2018 NPC Universe is spot on.

120 IFBB Pro cards were won in various divisions at the 2018 NPC Universe last weekend. Bostin and many others that follow the sport closely are seeing this as too much compared to the very few handed out in the past.

Bostin also brought up the subject of crossovers.

The overall bodybuilding champion, Kyle Kirvay also won his class in classic physique. What is the use of having classic physique when you are letting the overall bodybuilding champion compete in this class? This is a valid point madeby Bostin. How can the divisions be separated when the same guy is winning both (See scorecards below)

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net has talked about these problems in the past.

This is what Bostin Loyd had to say in his own words:

Over 120 IFBB Pro cards given out within 2 days at the NPC Universe…. the Overall Bodybuilder winner also won the Mens classic physique division… not sure how that is possible when they are supposedly trying to separate the look… I can see a guy crossing over in a local show to see where he fits best and get judges feedback but to allow these guys to crossover in a pro qualifier is silly.

I feel like 90% of the individuals that compete solely do this because they want social media recognition- the first thing on there mind when they get offstage is to change their Instagram name to “So n So IFBB pro” I understand putting it in your bio because for some people it’s a huge goal and accomplishment but unless you go change your Birth Name and add IFBB pro to the end you just look like a egotistical idiot…. and if your going to let old farts turn pro then come out with a Pro Show for only Masters so you dont completely kill their competitive bodybuilding career.

Overall Bodybuilder winner also won the Men’s classic physique division… not sure how that is possible when they are supposedly trying to separate the look

What’s the point of going Pro to land in the last callouts and not even looked at when you hit the pro ranks cause let’s be real these Masters can not hang with the young guns in their prime.. out of all people who turned pro in masters 2 people that I know have been able to do decent in the pro ranks and that’s John Meadows and Josh Wade and those guys could have easily turned Pro at a Open National level show…. these old guys may be happy because they have a Pro title but later down the road reality will strike and they’ll be left stranded.. but hey what does the IFBB care they get a few Benjamins for every person they turn pro EVERY YEAR!!! You are making them rich just for some social media bragging rights… soon top 5 in every class will turn pro and the true warriors in the bodybuilding world will eventually get fed up they youll have a bunch of Instafamous idiots with soggy glutes hitting the stage LOL – Bostin Loyd

Kyle Kirvay wins the overall bodybuilding title
Kyle Kirvay wins the Open D classic physique class as well