Olympia Brandon Curry absent

Brandon Curry absent from his own gym opening due to travel restrictions.

2019 Mr. Olympia winner Mr. Olympia had to make the very difficult decision to miss the grand opening of his new gym, Carbon Culture in Murfreesboro,TN.

The official opening of the gym is set to take place on 19 September, 2020.

Some of the biggest stars in the bodybuilding and fitness industry will be at the opening greeting the new members, fans and even hitting the weights.

The long list of stars include Breon Ansley, Jose Raymond, Jeremy Potvin, Kris Gethin, Jon De La Rosa, John Meadows, Mar Lobliner, Antoine Vaillant, Bo Lewis, Quincy Whittington, Dorian Hamilton, Adam Scherr, Derek Lunsford, Matt Kouba, Keone Pearson, Jon Call, Ben Pakulski and many more.

Brandon published a message on his official Social Media pages breaking the bad news that he will not be attending the opening of his own gym.

2020 has not seen such a gathering of stars in one location since the Covid-19 virus devastated the world.

Brandon, with the help of his wife and business partners managed to make the impossible a reality.

At the moment, Brandon is in Kuwait getting ready to defend his title at the 2020 Mr. Olympia this December.

In his message, Brandon expressed how disappointed he is not to see his family for the last time before December and as well not to be at the opening of his gym.

Brandon could have easily made the trip to the USA, but he was not guaranteed a flight back to Kuwait to continue his prep.

With the Covid-19 restrictions in full force, not returning to his training camp in Kuwait would have hampered Brandon’s Olympia prep.

This shows the total dedication that Brandon has for the sport of bodybuilding.

Brandon made the difficult decision to not see his family and put his business priorities to the side and focus on training.

Brandon is the Mr. Olympia that has endured one of the most difficult times in the history of the sport.

Covid-19 forced Brandon to cancel guest appearances all over the world and many more events that would have helped him promote the sport.

This is proof that Brandon has one of the best support teams in the sport today. His family and friends stepped in to take care of business while he is working to lift the Sandow Trophy for the second time.

Strength Addicts Christian Duque will be at the opening covering the event.

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Unfortunately, with the state of the world during these trying times and pandemic, I found out yesterday that I am unable to attend our @carbon_culture_usa Grand Opening event! With lockdowns and closures, I was informed last week that there was a possibility that I would not be able to leave Kuwait and return to finish my prep here at @o2_gyms with my coach @abdullah_fs_alotaibi We continued to push and try our best to be able to make it happen and as of yesterday, the doors were completely shut on me being able to make the trip and come back. It was a really heavy decision to make being that we have so many fellow athletes whom I consider to be personal friends flying in to show their support, fans coming in from all over the place, and boy oh boy did we put together a fun event for everyone who will be in attendance! I can’t express how bummed I am to not be in attendance to see all of those smiling faces and also my wife @bleaver808 and my kids one last time before the @mrolympiallc in late December! It’s been almost a whole month since I’ve been away and it’ll be 4 months before I’m able to reunite with them once again. We’ve been down this road before and as you all have seen, the sacrifices have continued to pay off! So we are trusting and praying that it does again! We all want this win so I thank you all for your continued support! I take my job in defending this title seriously and want to have more to celebrate over the Holidays with all of my family, friends and fans! I truly have the best support system in the world and for that I’m grateful’. I really hope and pray that you all understand why I can’t be there personally, but I will be live on a big screen to say hello to everyone there! I know our crew and all star lineup will make sure it’s a good time for everyone in attendance! Let’s do this! We at @carbon_culture_usa believe in the purpose and importance of carrying the torch and continuing to march forward during these times! We get nowhere standing still! #15 #MROLYMPIA @bleaver808 @carbon_culture_usa @brent_laffey @josh_driver23

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