Brandon Curry

Arnold Classic 2014

Brandon Curry was born on born October 19, 1982 in Nashville, Tennessee

Bodybuilding competition history
2003 Supernatural Bodybuilding, 1st
2006 NPC Junior National Championships, 2nd
2007 NPC USA Championships, 2nd
2011 Mr.Olympia, 8th
2012 Arnold Classic, 7th
2013 Arnold Classic Brasil, 1st


brandon curry


When IFBB Pro bodybuilder Brandon Curry steps on stage in just over a week at the 2014 Arnold Classic, you may be surprised by the amount of size he has added. He’s used the off-season to focus on his weakest body parts: hamstrings and calves. The work has paid off with incredible gains in size and strength. Source:

IFBB Pro Brandon Curry trains shoulders and arms 4 weeks out from the 2014 Arnold Classic. Although Brandon doesn’t have weak shoulders and arms, he still maintains a high intensity of training. Because shoulders gets a lot of secondary work from other workouts, he doesn’t go super heavy on these exercises to save the shoulder joint. He trains arms with moderate weight as well. Source:

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Brandon Curry finishes off an intense shoulder and arm workout. He hit a high point in his career last year winning the inaugural Arnold Classic Brazil. That ended up being a 2013 season-high as well. Now, he’s focused on the 2014 Arnold Classic. Here’s a look at the second half of Curry’s arm and shoulder workout, filmed with just four weeks to go. Source: