Brandon Hendrickson accused

2018 Olympia Physique winner Brandon Hendrickson accused of ripping off client.

UPDATED (21 June 2019): It seems Brandon has given in to pressure from the media and paid back his client in full. Screenshot below:

(20 June 2019) Controversy is suddenly surrounding 2018 Physique Olympia winner Brandon Hendrickson.

As number of pro athletes and especially the top athletes such as Brandon Hendrickson, a number of them cannot just live from the earnings on the pro stage unless they invest their earnings or market themselves properly.

As with many pro athletes, personal training is one of their main source of income.

A majority of NPC/IFBB Pro and especially Olympia winners are very successful in this line of work, and they are adored by the bodybuilding and fitness world.

It seems Brandon is not getting the praise in a positive way. A hot discussion is taking place on Facebook about Brandon not paying back a young college student for services he did not complete.

Brandon started the posing sessions with a young college student and then all of sudden did not show up to continue what was agreed.

The young client wanted his money back and Brandon agreed to pay him back $300. It was all fine till this point, until Brandon allegedly did not pay back the student.

To try to get his money back, the client then agreed with Brandon to get paid in $50 installments.

What seems like a very small amount, the family of the client were furious after they saw Brandon posting images on himself with expensive cars and at the same time not paying back this very small amount to his client.

As $300 might sound like a small amount, this student would like to put the money towards purchasing books for college.

Even Sergio Olivia Jr. took part in this conversation. Sergio stood up for the majority of pro athletes, especially bodybuilders and made another controversial comment when he said, “Don’t ever compare all pros to men’s physique pro’s”. This is another example of open class bodybuilders looking down at men’s physique athletes.

Sergio forgot to mention the long list of open class bodybuilders that went down the wrong path in this sport as well… but this is another story.

As the discussion continues Facebook, more dirt is being thrown towards Brandon, and not one comment was made in his favour.

This is the type of situation that the sport does not need at the moment, especially when it comes to promoting the Olympia Weekend.

The defending Physique Olympia winners needs to be promoting the sport in a better way and situations like this put the sport in a negative light.

The young fans need to read about the positive things they are doing for the sport and not read about situations like this.

The posts that are made public can be seen below, plus the debate with Sergio Oliva Jr.