Fred Smalls will not be competing at the 2016 Mr. Olympia due to salmonella poisoning!!

The news just posted on Fred Smalls official Instagram page shows Fred Smalls on a hospital bed.

Fred managed to qualify to get into the Olympia with 10 points edging out Branch Warren!!

Fred Smalls lost 33lbs while sick and this will surely keep him out of the competition.

We wish him a speedy recovery!!

Fred left this message for his fans:

If you haven’t heard I will not be able to participate in this years Olympia !! My life over last week has been in a hospital room running test after and after test . And living through an IV ! Had first solid food in over week and seem to be back on the upside of things. Serious salmonella poisoning can wreck havoc on your body . Oh yeah lost 33 lbs in the process , all I can say is thank you for everyone who has wished me well , let me know what I mean to them and kept me strong during this disappointment and struggle