5X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath has joined Ultimate Nutrition after leaving his own company Gifted Nutrition. This major signing comes just months after another Mr. Olympia winner Dexter Jackson signed with Ultimate Nutrition.

Official Press release:

Five-time Mr. Olympia winner Phil “the Gift” Heath has agreed to a long-term partnership with Ultimate Nutrition, Inc. This deal goes far beyond a typical sponsorship, breaking new ground for both parties. Heath will become a key participant in the innovations Ultimate Nutrition brings to market.

Phil Heath is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and five-time Mr. Olympia Champion. He is nicknamed “The Gift” due to his unique combination of size and symmetry. Mr. Heath is a graduate of the University of Denver and currently resides in Colorado. He is driven by a passion to educate people about health, nutrition, weight training, and supplementation to help anyone who is willing to achieve their full physical and mental potential.

Starting in August, 2016, Heath will be appearing across all of Ultimate Nutrition’s advertising and marketing platforms. The partnership between Phil Heath and Ultimate Nutrition can be expected to take the entire sports nutrition industry to the next level.

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