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“Buy your supplements from bodybuilders” – Sergio Oliva Jr.

In his latest video on Instagram, Sergio Oliva Jr. sent an important message to the bodybuilding and fitness community.

Just before picking a winner for his ‘Cosmo Helmet’, Sergio decided to take the opportunity to express his feelings about how we can all support all the bodybuilders in the industry that have supplement companies.

The supplement industry is a huge money making entity in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.

In recent times, a number of bodybuilders have launched their own supplement brands with many becoming very popular.

The professional bodybuilding career can be a very short one and these athletes must find another way to make a living in the industry they love.

The majority of them end up creating their own brand of supplements.

In his video, Sergio makes a plea to the bodybuilding and fitness world to support the athletes and buy supplements or products from them.

Sergio went on to explain that during these difficult times, it is the best time to support all bodybuilders that have their own brands.

Why choose supplements companies owned by bodybuilders? Sergio explained that bodybuilders have the experience and already know what is needed to make a good product.

When Sergio explained that it is better to support the bodybuilder rather than a money hungry CEO.

“We should be supporting athletes like us, we should not be giving more money to CEO’s that don’t train, that fly their private jets and don’t really give a shit about their customers or the sport itself.” – Sergio Oliva Jr.

Sergio went on to mention numerous of brands that the fitness community should support.

This was not about supporting his own brand, but to support all his friends in the industry with supplement and related companies during these difficult times.

Many will agree with what Sergio said while a number of companies will not like his comments.

Sergio has been vocal about how he was treated badly by a number of companies and to not go through all that trouble again, he decided to create his own brand called Cosmic Industries.