C.T. Fletcher thanks fans for support after suffering heart attack

C.T. Fletcher thanks fans

C.T. Fletcher thanks fans

C.T. Fletcher is finally trying to get get his life back to normal after suffering a heart attack a few weeks back.

The hardcore trainer/bodybuilder is waiting for a heart transplant.

Fletcher is looking fragile and weak, but it is great to see him back at his office and not in the hospital.

After having a number of similiar problems in the past, Fletcher has shown he is a true fighter.

In his short video message that was recorded by his daughters, while thanking his fans and friends, Fletcher also had a message for the people that are spreading rumors that he has died as well.

In the past week, the bodybuilding world had a black cloud over it after it lost Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana in tragic circumstances.

Seeing C.T. Fletcher in a better state of health shines a little light on the fitness world. Hopefully we will see him back in the gym encouraging other athletes to push harder during their workouts.