CBD bodybuilding

CBD and Bodybuilding

Deeper sleep, bigger gains, faster recovery and ultimately a better bodybuilder. Sounds illegal right?

These are just a few of the claims that people are making about cbd for bodybuilding. But does it work?

We’ve used CBD successfully when it comes to improved sleep quality and building lean muscle for some time now. Coupled with the general reduction in day to day stresses (which can KILL gains) CBD is extremely useful for all athletes. Not just bodybuilders.

CBD products are ten a penny at the moment too, and it can be pretty hard to cut through the information on the effects of cbd and what’s going to help you build muscle.

What is CBD?

CBD is booming currently. And its an extract from the cannabis sativa plant. CBD is non psychoactive, so you’re not going to get ‘high’ from supplementing it. In fact quite the opposite, the right CBD supplement can leave you with a level of calm and focus.

There’s two main compounds in the cannabis plant, cannabinoids or CBD and THC, which is the bit that gets you high.

Our brains are naturally receptive to CBD, which is why it arguably has such a big potential within human optimisation and muscle growth.

CBD for bodybuilding – Benefits of CBD

There are a number of ways that CBD should be a part of any modern bodybuilders stack, and it generally comes from it’s natural ability to help the recovery process.

As you know, recovery is when muscles have chance to grow. So by optimising recovery, you’ll find that you see bigger gains.  Here’s why CBD shouldn’t be overlooked for bodybuilders:

Cortisol Reduction

Cortisol is a stress hormone, that actually has a negative impact on key sexual hormones and the development of muscle tissue. In a study [1] , volunteers who were given CBD were found to have a reduction in cortisol. This means that you’ll feel less stressed and anxious, as well as benefit more from weight training and makes cbd for muscle building a great addition.

Inflammation Reduction

When you exercise you cause inflammation in the body. This occurs especially with muscle building. This can be damaging to muscle growth, however a recent study [2] has found that CBD  can actually help regulate some hormones that are linked with muscle catabolism. By doing this you’ll find that you have better increases in muscle tissue.

Muscle recovery and pain reduction are also linked to CBD and this area. So using CBD could help lead to some increases in muscle mass as well as other benefits.

Anxiety and Depression Reduction

Again, due to it’s ability to influence cortisol levels, CBD is supported as offering a level of anxiety and depression reduction. The by-product of this can lead to protected heart health as well as some protection from neurological disorders.

Fat Reduction

Interestingly CBD also has been found to reduce fat [3] in some cases. This makes it an ideal product to supplement alongside a cutting program, as not only could it potentially prevent the storage of brown fats, but also the help reduce appetite and feelings of discomfort whilst cutting.

Recommended CBD for bodybuilders

When it comes to CBD we recommend ShredCBD, a premium capsule CBD isolate supplement. Why we recommend ShredCBD for bodybuilders:

·     Fast effects on recovery and performance

·     Aids with cutting/weight gain as required

·     Simple to use and exact dosing

·     Free US shipping


Wait, so not cbd oil?

No, oil tinctures can be a bit fiddly and annoying. But don’t discount them, the effects of oil cover ‘full spectrum cbd’. We’re recommend ShredCBD due to the fact it contains green tea and garcinia cambogia into a simple and effective formulation, that gives a multitude of benefits to bodybuilders.

By supplementing CBD isolate, you are also focusing on the key compound and further reducing the risk of other cannabinoids getting into your system.

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Is it all good news for CBD and bodybuilding?

It’s rare that a supplement is completely side effect free. And again, we recommend ShredCBD due to the fact it’s CBD isolate. Some CBD can cause minor side effects. These are pretty limited and don’t occur often. But are generally things like:

  1. Mood swings
  2. Feeling Full
  3. Dizziness
  4. Nausea

It’s worth noting that these are uncommon effects and even with a high dose CBD tincture added to your daily routine, you’d be unlucky to experience them.

CBD for Bodybuilding – A Summary

Overall we’d recommend CBD for anyone looking to build up some lean muscle and improve their recovery. What’s more it’s a great tool for cutting and has the added benefit of it’s neuroprotective potential.

Sticking with products that contain CBD isolate, like ShredCBD offers a bit more protection from unwanted side effects and can be simpler to dose than some tinctures. Although it is a formula, so isn’t pure CBD like you may want.

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