Centrapeak Testosterone Booster

PRODUCT REVIEW: Centrapeak Testosterone Booster

We’re always searching for latest supplements to come out, so we were naturally inclined to do a review on Centrapeak, a testosterone booster everyone’s talking about.

With 12 natural ingredients in its unique formula, Centrapeak will not only raise your testosterone levels, but will also help you reach peak mental performance.

Centrapeak’s official website goes into detail explaining the benefits of this T booster, but here’s what it essentially offers:


  • Feel better and look better – Centrapeak works to optimize your hormones, not just testosterone but also stress hormones. It lowers cortisol to improve your mood and overall quality of life.
  • Build muscle & burn fat – In addition to boosting your anabolic hormones, Centrapeak sharpens your focus and improves the motivation to achieve your goals. You’ll find it easier to exercise harder or eat a healthier diet. Both of which lead to a stronger, leaner, and more confident you.
  • Faster thinking and improved productivity – Centrapeak uses herbs that support mental clarity and the drive to get things done, enabling you to accomplish your goals with less effort.

In other words, it’s not just about building slabs of muscle or being ripped. It’s just as important to have the optimal mindset and mood to achieve the success you want.

But was Centrapeak successful in its aim?

And can it deliver these results without any hidden side effects?

Let’s find out in our in-depth Centrapeak review!

Pros and Cons

offers some unique advantages over other testosterone boosters we’ve seen. For example, it boosts not just your physical health but also your cognitive abilities. This includes focus, motivation, and mood.

also reduces stress and helps brings cortisol levels down, which indirectly helps with building muscle, burning fat, and keeping your testosterone levels high. Don’t worry, we’ll explain this in more detail in a second.

For now though, shall we check the pros and cons?


  • All natural formula that improves testosterone, libido, and cognition
  • Safe and optimal doses of research backed ingredients
  • Perfect for the modern man in his 30s, 40s, and beyond
  • Reduces cortisol and other stress hormones that deplete testosterone


  • Only buyable at Centrapeak.com
  • Only available in the USA or Canada

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Who is Centrapeak For?

This testosterone booster wasn’t made for hardcore bodybuilders. Instead, it was carefully created with the modern man in mind. That person who’s strained from everyday stress and who wants to get more out of his life.

If you want to look better, feel better, and stay sharp as you age, then keeping your testosterone levels high should be among your top priorities.

You see, as men pass the milestone of 30, testosterone levels decline by about 1% every year. (12, 13)

Nothing serious right?

In normal circumstances yes, but add the stress from the modern lifestyle on top of that, along with fast foods, alcohol, and the lack of activity. Your testosterone takes a pretty big hit from these things. Over the years, this can take a toll on your health, leading to weight gain and many other problems.

And it’s not like low testosterone is a rare occurrence, either. A large study which included men from the USA showed that over 38% of them had clinically low testosterone (hypogonadism). (13)

Centrapeak was specifically designed with these issues in mind. It’s a testosterone booster that not only improves your physical health through hormone optimization. It also fights cortisol and improves the quality of your mind.

Which leads us to the main benefits of Centrapeak…



Centrapeak belongs to the testosterone booster category, but there’s a lot more it can do.

Its main purpose is to make it easier for you to deal with everyday stresses and responsibilities. To make you stronger and more energetic, improve your vitality, and increase happiness.

We like to think of it this way: you can look at a testosterone booster such as Centrapeak as your accountability buddy. It helps you stay on track with your goals, whether that’s building a lean physique or achieving professional success. With a little bit of work on your side, it will help you get there faster.

Here are the benefits of Centrapeak, explained in more detail:

Physical Benefits

Increased Testosterone

The key benefit of high testosterone is the drive you get in your everyday life. Getting up to go to the gym becomes something you start looking forward to. And when you’re in the gym, you’ll have more energy to train, which brings results in the mirror.

This is where Centrapeak shines; it boosts your natural testosterone production to enhance your drive and motivation to get things done, and to achieve your physical goals. An added bonus of having high testosterone is that your libido will increase, too.

Lean Muscle Gains

This ties into what we said above. By supporting your testosterone levels, Centrapeak will inevitably improve your body composition in favor of your muscles.

Lower Body Fat

The math is simple. The bigger your muscles, the more energy your body expends. Even when doing nothing. That’s why guys with high testosterone can maintain a six pack even though they eat out every Friday night (and sometimes Saturday too).

Mental Benefits

Improved mood

Centrapeak uses ingredients such as Rhodiola rosea and Ashwagandha which improve your mood. They protect against stress while at the same time promoting calming neurotransmitters like GABA and serotonin.

Sharper focus

Ingredients like Lion’s Mane optimize your brain cells. The better your neurons communicate, the sharper your thinking and focus will be. Lion’s Mane has even been shown to repair damage to brain cells from chronic stress, as you’ll see below.

Elevated confidence

Have you ever seen those guys who have all the common traits of the high testosterone? Did you notice how assertive they are? You can tell right away that they’re confident in communicating what’s on their mind. The more potent your male hormone is, the more of these masculine traits you’ll have.

After all, that’s just how nature works, right?

Centrapeak Ingredients

Centrapeak uses 12 ingredients. The label shows everything clearly, there are no proprietary blends or any other marketing tricks that would prevent you from seeing the ingredient dosages.

The ingredients in Centrapeak work in synergy to achieve these effects:

  • Increases total and free testosterone levels
  • Improves androgen hormones such as DHT
  • Enhances your cognitive capacity, mood, and focus
  • Aids in the repair of brain cells
  • Raises Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
  • Decreases prolactin, estrogen, estradiol, and sex hormone-binding globulin
  • Below you’ll find out more about each ingredient, as well as relevant studies that support their benefits

Centrapeak ingredients

Vitamin D3 (4000IU)

If you suspect you have below optimal testosterone levels, then getting enough vitamin D should be your priority. The sunshine vitamin, as it’s called, is found in virtually every cell of your body, and is critical for healthy testosterone levels. (1)

If you can’t spend every day in strong, direct sunlight for at least 20 minutes, consider supplementation. Centrapeak has ensured your T levels stay high with a daily dose of 4000IU of D3. Also bear in mind that suncream can reduce your skin converting sunlight to vitamin D by up to 98%

Indole-3-Carbinol (200mg)

Indole-3-Carbinol naturally occurs in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower, and it’s shown to reduce estrogen levels. (4, 5) The lower your estrogen is, the more room there is for testosterone to thrive. Leading to faster recovery, improved muscle to fat ratio, and enhanced sex drive. What’s more, the study showed that in addition to reducing estrogen levels, I3C weakens the existing estrogen in your body.

Ashwagandha (500mg)

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which means it makes your body more resilient to stress. See, cortisol (the main stress hormone) and testosterone don’t like each other – when cortisol rises, testosterone plummets.

By reducing cortisol, Ashwagandha indirectly boosts your male hormone. Not only you’ll look better but you’ll feel better too. Research also confirms Ashwagandha’s positive effects on stress, anxiety, and muscle growth. (6, 7)

Rhodiola Rosea (100mg)

Rhodiola enhances both your mental and physical energy as well as making you more resilient to stress. (14) Since it can reduce cortisol levels, Rhodiola is closely tied to optimizing testosterone.

Mucuna Pruriens (150mg)

Mucuna Pruriens has some potent effects when it comes to anabolic hormones. See, Mucuna is a source of L-DOPA, which is a precursor to dopamine, the feel-good brain chemical. Dopamine helps block the production of too much prolactin, which is linked to crashing testosterone levels. Not only will your testosterone stay high, but you’ll also benefit from having more motivation, drive, and energy in your day to day life due to increased dopamine. (11)

In addition, experts suggest that Mucuna improves sperm mobility and directly increases testosterone, too. Centrapeak has 150mg of this potent ingredient in their formula, which will have a positive effect on your male hormone, libido, and sex drive.

Korean Panax Ginseng (100mg)

Having high testosterone is only half the story when it comes to feeling good and looking great. How your brain works is just as important. Korean Panax Ginseng helps with both. Not only does it support your libido and endocrine system, but it also improves cognition.

When you feel better, your stress levels will be lower, which can’t but positively affect your testosterone. In rat studies, results showed that Korean Panax Ginseng was able to raise their testosterone levels, leading to elevated mood. A human study showed additional benefits such as improved libido and erections. (15)

Lions Mane Mushroom (250mg)

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is normally only found in nootropic supplements. However, Centrapeak has included it to address not just the physical aspects of men’s health, but also the mental aspect.

Besides enhancing mood and cognition, this exciting ingredient is shown to repair neurons in your brain. As a result, it can prevent oxidative stress and premature mental decline. (8, 9)

There’s a good reason why the producers included Lion’s Mane in Centrapeak. When you feel good, you will make more positive choices, such as going to the gym more often, avoiding junk food, and pursuing your goals.

This leads to a cycle where your stress levels decrease, and with it, your testosterone rises.

Boron (10mg)

Boron is a trace mineral. It’s often neglected in testosterone boosters, but it’s a powerful ingredient if you ask us. Studies have shown that supplementing with around 10mg of boron will increase your testosterone levels. (16) Boron also helps reduce cortisol, the hormone that suffocates your testosterone. And it’s essential for bone health too.

The problem is, it’s hard to get high amounts of boron through diet alone. Centrapeak offers 10mg of boron per daily serving, which is the perfect dose for raising testosterone.

Zinc (20mg)

Zinc is essential for a number of bodily processes, testosterone production being one of them. In fact, low zinc can potentially lead to low testosterone. Zinc can also raise DHT, which is another androgen hormone, even more powerful than testosterone itself. If you want to build muscle, stay lean, and have lots of energy, then make sure you’re getting enough zinc every day. (2)

Centrapeak offers 20mg, which is a perfect dose – not to high, not too low.

Vitamin B6 (10mg)

Vitamin B6 is one of those ingredients that serves as a foundation in a testosterone booster. It’s needed by your body to produce androgens, as well as reducing the female hormone, estrogen. If you combine B6 supplementation with a good exercise regimen and a healthy diet, it can even boost your growth hormone.

Magnesium (50mg – Magensium Citrate)

From treating depression, improving muscle recovery, to supporting healthy testosterone levels, magnesium has many vital functions in your body. (3) A deficiency in it can make you feel irritable and stressed, which can lead to poor sleep, and consequently – low testosterone levels. Combined with the all-mighty vitamin D3 and some weightlifting, magnesium will help your male hormone stay strong.

View the ingredients and research here

Centrapeak Ingredients

The Research

If you’d like to see the science behind Centrapeak’s ingredients, you’ll love this part of the review.

Below we’ve included clinical studies that examine the benefits of key ingredients in Centrapeak:

Vitamin D Increases Testosterone Levels

A randomized controlled study led by Pliz S. recruited 200 healthy men. The researchers separated these men into two groups:

  • 1st group took 3,332 IU of vitamin D every day for one year
  • 2nd group took a placebo

At the start of the study, all men had below optimal vitamin D levels (as many people nowadays do), along with lower than normal testosterone levels.

After one year, the researchers found that the men who supplemented with vitamin D had significantly higher testosterone levels than at the beginning of the study. While the placebo group’s testosterone levels stayed the same. (1)

This study shows us that vitamin D has a profound impact on your testosterone levels. Especially if you’re low in vitamin D or testosterone to start with.

Zinc Prevents Loss of Testosterone From Physical Stress

This study tested the effects of zinc supplements on wrestlers. For 4 weeks, these elite athletes trained hard pretty much every day. Normally, this would deplete their zinc and testosterone levels since they pushed their body to its limits.

However, the study showed that zinc prevented a loss of testosterone in these athletes. (2)

The key takeaway here is that if you’re someone who’s under a lot of stress, especially physical, your testosterone levels can plummet. But supplementing with zinc appears to prevent that.

Magnesium Inhibits Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin To Increase Free Testosterone

A study led by Excoffon L., and published in the Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Analysis tested the link between magnesium and SHBG. SHBG, or sex hormone-binding globulin, binds tightly to testosterone molecules making them unavailable to your body. The testosterone that’s bound to SHBG is floating around in your body but it’s not ‘free’. The study from the above showed how magnesium helps break the link between SHBG and testosterone – raising the levels of your free testosterone. (3)

Indole-3-Carbinol Reduces Estrogen Activity

Estrogen is one of the key female sex hormones. For us men, it’s necessary to have a little bit of it. But have too much estrogen, and your testosterone can get severely compromised.

The first study showed that Indole-3-Carbinol supplementation in animals inhibits the expression of estrogen. (4)

The second study supported these findings, showing how I3C inhibits the metabolites which activate estrogen receptors. This in turn helps you have healthy T levels. (5)

Ashwagandha Reduces Cortisol

A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study tested the effects of Ashwagandha on stress. And the results were nothing short of impressive. The experts put people from the study into two groups. One group took Ashwagandha, the other one took a placebo. (6)

At the end of the study, the group that took Ashwagandha measured significantly lower cortisol levels. Their resilience and reactions to stress also improved significantly. The study showed that Ashwagandha boosts overall-well being along with reducing stress hormones.

But that’s not where the benefits end.

Another study showed that Ashwagandha, coupled with a strength training program, leads to a significant increase in testosterone and muscle mass. So if you like to exercise, Ashwagandha could boost your muscle gains. (7)

Lion’s Mane Repairs Brain Cells and Stabilizes Mood

Lion’s Mane is known for boosting Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain. (8)

An animal study showed that Lion’s Mane was able to regenerate neurons after injury. In fact, the effect was so strong that the animals with severe nerve damage were able to walk again. (9)

Another human study tested Lion’s Mane benefits on mood. The study volunteers were separated into two groups as usual. One group received a placebo and the other had the advantage of Lion’s Mane going for them.

It turned out, the group that took Lion’s Mane experienced lower anxiety, depression, and irritability. The study suggested that this nootropic mushroom may help improve overall sense of well-being and outlook on life. (10)

Mucuna Pruriens Improves Dopamine, Testosterone, and Luteinizing Hormone

The participants of this study were infertile men. The main objective of the study was to test if Mucuna would improve their fertility.

However, the results revealed something researchers didn’t expect.

Not only did Mucuna improve these men’s sperm count and quality, it also significantly raised their testosterone and Luteinizing Hormone.

As a side note, Luteinizing Hormone is a precursor to testosterone…

Mucuna also elevated their dopamine levels which led to improved mood and confidence. (11)

How to Take (Dosage)

Centrapeak comes with 3 daily servings. You take 1 capsule with each meal in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

The main advantage of having 3 servings per day is in the constant supply of testosterone-boosting ingredients. The delivery is perfect, you’ll stay in an anabolic state all day and night if you time the dosage right. This makes it superior to testosterone boosters that have only 1 daily serving.

Also, no need to worry about stimulants. Centrapeak has none. You can take it before bed too, as this may help support your growth hormone levels, because the biggest spurt of growth hormone happens when you sleep. (17)

Side Effects of Centrapeak

If you’ve read this Centrapeak review carefully, then you’ll know that Centrapeak is a safe supplement. You shouldn’t have any side effects from using it.

Centrapeak uses proven ingredients that have been on the market for many years. The dosages are also optimal and within safe limits. From what we’ve seen, this product was carefully created to make it safe and reliable for men in their 30s, 40s and over.

Even if you’re a younger guy, it can help you in the gym and everyday life in terms of confidence. Just make sure you’re over 18 years old.

The Centrapeak formula is free of any synthetic compounds, stimulants, or harmful chemicals. It is also vegan friendly.

Their policy is to keep it all natural.

With all of that said, we always encourage our readers to seek professional advice if they have any questions or are under any medications.

Customer Reviews

Having come out in early 2019, Centrapeak is still a fresh face on the market. However, it already has many user reviews. It seems like most users are happy and only have words of praise for this testosterone booster. If you want to see more user reviews, you can check them on their website. Centrapeak reviews

Where to Buy Centrapeak?

You can only buy Centrapeak on the official website.

While this is a common policy among premium testosterone boosters, it’s effective at blocking the comparisons with other low-quality products. It’s also good for preventing fake user reviews from competitors on other sites such as Amazon.

Note: Currently, the supplement is only purchasable in the USA and Canada. They do have plans for shipping to other countries in the future as the company expands.


Centrapeak is a premium product with a premium price tag. We didn’t expect it any other way from a supplement with this level of quality. When you think about it, 1 box of Centrapeak costs $2.16 per day, which is less than a good cup of coffee. And it gives you superior mental and physical benefits too.

You can also save money by buying Centrapeak in bulk:

  • 8% off if you buy 2 boxes
  • 18% if you buy 3 boxes

The price includes tax. You can also use any major credit card to make the purchase on their website, which makes things simple and easy.

More info on the Pricing and Discounts for Centrapeak:

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Is Centrapeak Good Value For Money?

To determine whether a testosterone booster is a good value for money, we use the following criteria:

  1. Does it use safe, reliable, and effective ingredients?
  2. Can you take the product long-term?
  3. How many servings per day are there?
  4. Will it produce results within 3-6 weeks of using it?
  5. What kind of benefits does it offer? Does it just raise testosterone or does it improve other aspects of man’s health too?
  6. Is the price affordable?

As you can see, money is last on our list. The reason is, what’s the purpose of a cheap product that doesn’t work?

Our most important criteria for a good testosterone booster are the ingredients. And Centrapeak has some of the best we’ve seen.

Centrapeak also offers something that no other testosterone booster on the market currently offers – it addresses both your physical and mental health for an overall performance boost.

Sure, just having high testosterone levels alone can improve your quality of life. But stacking that with cognitive benefits such as sharp focus, strong motivation, and elevated mood takes things to the next level. This kind of quality makes Centrapeak’s price look like a bargain.

Centrapeak Review Conclusion

With everything in mind, there are two questions that remain:

  • Does Centrapeak really work?
  • Is it worth your investment?

We genuinely believe the answer to both questions is a clear “yes”.

Even though it has only recently hit the market, this testosterone boosters is already making waves – and it’s easy to see why.

From safe ingredients with optimal doses to the formula that strengthens not just your body but your mind too. Centrapeak offers the whole package – and users are thrilled with it. We don’t know any testosterone booster that offers this level of quality.

You can learn more about the science behind Centrapeak by checking their ingredient page.

To quickly summarize though, here’s why Centrapeak stands out from the rest:

Why does it stand out?

  • Research-backed formula – Centrapeak only uses the highest-quality ingredients that are supported by science. As a new brand, the only way they could compete with the more popular supplements was to go above and beyond, offering what no one else is offering right now. The best ingredients with the best possible dosages. Targeting everything from anabolic hormones, libido, to cognitive sharpness.
  • Perfect for the busy man – Centrapeak is the ideal supplement for the modern man. It optimizes your hormones to become more resilient to everyday stress, along with boosting your mental and physical health.
  • Optimal servings – With 3 daily servings, you’ll receive a constant trickle of ingredients that boost your testosterone and improve cognitive capabilities.
  • Clean ingredients – There are no fillers, preservatives, or unnecessary ingredients in Centrapeak. Everything has a purpose. The product is animal-friendly (aka vegan), non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, Kosher Friendly, and QAI Organic certified. Even the facilities where Centrapeak is produced are FDA and cGMP approved.

It’s one of the most complete – dare we say the most complete – testosterone boosters we’ve come across.


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