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Coach Broser’s Corner: Barbells To Burn Fat.

When most fitness enthusiasts desire to lower their body fat levels, they immediately begin increasing the amount of time they spend on machines like treadmills, Step Mills, ellipticals, bikes, and cross trainers. And while this can often be an effective strategy, the very act of performing lengthy (somewhat boring) cardio sessions can get old rather quickly.

But is there really a choice?

There sure is! When utilized correctly, the simple BB — yes, the same one we use to build massive muscle — can also be a profoundly effective tool for melting fat like butter in a flame! The keys lie in choosing the correct movements, incorporating the proper rep range, using specific intensity techniques and/or arranging your workouts in a manner that ignites the metabolism and forces the body to tap into body fat for energy.

Let’s take a closer look.

Consider the Exercises: When utilizing barbells to burn fat it is most beneficial to perform largely compound lifts, especially when it comes to the more complex muscle groups like back and quads. These movements will most effectively boost the heart rate, burn greater amounts of calories, increase natural growth hormone production (note: GH is one of the most powerful fat-burning hormones), and enhance the metabolic rate.

Consider the Rep Range: When the main focus is on torching body fat you want to keep reps in the medium to medium/high range, or about 12-15 for upper body exercises and 16-20 for the lower half. By doing so you will again burn more calories, increase lactic acid production (which in and of itself boosts natural GH output), and stimulate the metabolism, while still giving your muscles adequate resistance and intensity to foster hypertrophy.

Consider the Exercise Arrangement: The majority of fitness enthusiasts, when concentrating their efforts into building lean muscle mass, will utilize a “straight sets” approach, with about 2-3 minutes rest in between each. However, when the priority is to get “shredded” enough to display a prominent 6-pack and deep separations/cuts through every body part, it is far more effective to use a specific order of exercises to illicit the best response.

Consider the Intensity Techniques: Some of the best ways to burn off fat while using just a BB is the use of supersets, trisets, dropsets, and circuits. All of these techniques will force you to work harder and move more quickly through your routine. They will greatly increase your rate of breathing and caloric burn while training.

Below are three examples of the types of (barbell) resistance training workouts you can begin using right now to “rip up” your physique, which will significantly decrease the amount of time you need to spend on boring pieces of cardio equipment.

Workout A: Fast Paced Straight Sets

-Squats…3 x 16-20 reps (60 second rest between sets)

-Bench Press…3 x 12-15 (45 second rest between sets)

-Alternating Lunges…3 x 16-20 reps each leg (60 second rest between sets)

-Underhand Grip BB Bent Row…3 x 12-15 (45-60 second rest between sets)

-Stiff Leg Deadlift…4 x 12-15 reps (60 second rest between sets)

-Meadows Row…3 x13-15 per side (45-60 second rest between sets)

-Jefferson Squats…3 x 16-20 reps (60 second rest between sets)

-Standing Military Press…3 x 12-15 reps (45-60 second rest between sets)

-Incline Bent Leg Hip Raise…3 x max reps (30 second rest between sets)

Workout B: Superset Scorcher

-Superset: BB Hack Squats/Incline Press…3 x 16-20/12-15 reps

-Superset: Bench Step Ups/WG Bent Row…3 x 16-20 per leg/12-15 reps

-Superset: Walking Lunge/Upright Row…2-3 x 16-20 per leg/12-15 reps

-Superset: Good Mornings/Standing BB Curl…2-3 x 16-20/12-15 reps

-Superset: Push Crunch/CG Bench Press…2-3 x 16-20/12-15 reps

**Rest between supersets should be no longer than 2 minutes

Workout C: The Fat Incinerating Circuit

-Deadlift…16-20 reps

-Decline Press…12-15 reps

-Squats…16-20 reps

-CG T Bar Row…12-15 reps

-Alternating Reverse Lunge…16-20 reps per leg

-Seated Press Behind the Head…10-12 reps

-Stiff Leg Deadlift…16-20 reps

-Lying BB Extensions…12-15 reps

-BB Push Sit Up…16-20 reps

-Bent Over BB Curl…12- 15 reps

**Move from one exercise to the next as rapidly as possible.

**Do not go to failure on each movement, but perhaps 1-2 reps short.

**If attempting to perform multiple circuits rest about 3-5 minutes in between each by slowly walking around and sipping on water until ready.

**Feel free to substitute other movements in and out if performing multiple circuits.

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