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Coach Matteo Martinez speaks about the sudden death of his client Daniele Pozzi.

The bodybuilding and fitness world started the week with the horrible news about the death of Italian bodybuilder Daniele Pozzi.

Daniele’s lifeless body was found by his girlfriend early Sunday morning in their hotel room in Padova, Italy. This was just a day after having a very successful weekend at the 2019 Yamamoto Cup Pro League Qualifier.

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At just 23, Daniele’s death raised a number of questions by a number of people in the industry.

Daniele’s coach, Matteo Martinez spoke to the local media and explained what he thought could have possibly lead to the death of his client, Daniele Pozzi.

Speaking to Il Matteo de Padova, Matteo Martinez said that Daniele was one of his new clients. In the four weeks they worked together, Martinez said that he tried to correct some of the bad methods in regarding contest prep that Daniele had.

When asked by Il Matteo de Padova if the cause of death could be due to the use of some sort of substances, Matteo said “He was on zero carbs for a long time and he took substances that can be detrimental to his heart, yes in short, various products.”

Matteo continued “I can only say that I was trying to find the right way to correct Daniele’s ways, to train him in a new way and break the bad habits from his past. I was warned to be careful with him.”

Matteo said he is still in shock with the news of his friend and client Daniele Pozzi.

In the small time frame between Daniele’s success at the 2019 Yamamoto Cup Pro League Qualifier and just before his death, Daniele posted message of praise for his coach Matteo on his official Facebook page:

Daniele Pozzi and Matteo Martinez celebrating