Contest Review: 2018 IFBB International Austria Cup

By Dr. Wolfgang Schober

Lower Austria´s baroque-style capital St. Poelten is about. a 30 minutes drive away from Vienna. Located directly on the Autobahn, 125 athletes from 12 European countries battled there at the VAZ – St. Poelten´s Event Center – for their trophies and altogether 8 IFBB ELITE PRO Cards. Austria´s best had to face big challenges by phantastic athletes not only from their country´s neighborhood, but also from Finland, Poland or the UK.

Men´s Physique (MP) was crowded as usual with its 37 athletes. At the end Josef Kogler (AUT) the rookie of this year´s spring-season won the Juniors Physique with his almost perfect lines and good looks. Compared with his former comps, Rasul Shoelbavi (AUT) showed up very much improved. He brought home a clear win in the MP over 178 cm. His body was close to a 100% but his presentation still lacked that “Look! Here I am folks”- effect, that could have made him win the overall. This title + the option for an IFBB ELITE PRO Card went to Switzerland´s Galer Gönder, who had won the MP up to 178 cm class and impressed with his deeply separated Six-pack and very balanced physical development. Men´s Muscular Physique was dominated by a big Jürgen Brunner (AUT) who certainly will have to think it over whether to stay in his Bahamas Trunks or change into Classic Bodybuilding.

Evergreen and Masters World Championships medalist Andreas Ehrschwendtner (AUT) once again dominated Classic Bodybuilding (CBB). Andreas looks by far heavier than he really is. The reasons for this might be his incredibly slim joints that make that sought-after bam-effect.

Classic Physique (open) maybe showed up this season´s biggest discovery: Austria´s Andrej Mandic came in with a great package of wide shoulders, thin waist, big arms and legs, which he presented in a pleasing classic style. By his performing he certainly gave one of the biggest promises for the future and left his 7 opponents clearly behind him.

Bodybuilding (BB) Everybody was waiting for the most successful athletes in this high class filed of 18 BBs: Austria´s experienced and internationally very successful Harald Schober, who made a clear win in the over 95 kg class, should come up against the reigning Balkan Champion Mirnes Husanovic (BA), who equally had dominated the up to 85 kg class. In addition the winner of the BB up to 95 kg Mohamad Javadzadeh (GER) showed a great performance. In the end Harald won the overall title and his ELITE PRO CARD with his crystal clear definition, extraordinary legs development and a very pleasing presentation.

In the Wellness Fitness (open) Austria´s beautiful Izabella Jivan gave again the proof of her quality after her win at this year´s Nationals in the springseason.

Bodyfitness (open) was a clear win for Austria´s Grande Dame of Bodyfitness Dani Ehrschwendtner who showed again a great combination of fluent lines, nice athletic looks and femininity. By that she could keep the other 6 athletes in her class at a save distance.

33 Bikini Fitness ladies crowded the stage of the VAZ and 3 out of the 5 class wins went to Hungary. But Austrian talent Kristina Brunauer concentrated on her skills and not on our neighbor`s superior power in the Bikini category. And her strong will in her slim but at the same time very feminine-athletic physique made her win the Juniors, Women over 169 cm and the Overall. What a great performance of that young lady at her very first year in the game.

At the end, the best won! But the biggest win was for the IFBB family as it was a hard but fair event in a great location, where super IFBB-athletes proudly presented our sport.

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