Cut Down Injuries

7 Tips to Cut Down on Injuries and Help Your Body Recover Faster.

You love to work out – pushing your mind and body to their limits, constantly striving for self-improvement. But without the right recovery plan, you’ll never get to achieve your goals.

Too many people make the mistake of neglecting proper rest and recovery when creating a workout regimen. It is every bit as important as your other exercises – it helps you cut down on injuries and get the most out of hard workouts.

Check out the tips below to see what you can do to support and promote faster recoveries.

  1. Have Variety in Your Workout Plan

Incorporate a lot of different exercises into your workout routine. Try to strike a balance of high and moderate or low impact days. Not only does this keep things interesting, but it also cuts down on your chance of injury.

Mixing in lower impact exercise like cycling, swimming, and walking gives your body a chance to recover from your harder workouts and be ready for the next ones. You are less likely to overwork or injure yourself, which will help you reach your goals faster.

  1. Always Take Time to Warm Up

Finding time to work out can be challenging. It can be tempting to skip or shorten your warmup – but you never should. You should always, always give your body a proper warmup. You stand a high chance of injury – and increased recovery time – every time you skip one.

  1. Don’t Neglect the Cool Down

The cool down is just as important as the warmup. It helps your body return to normal after strenuous activity. Studies have shown that regular, dynamic stretching after a workout can help decrease stiffness and soreness the following day. That means your muscles will be nice and rested for your next hard work out.

  1. Get Regular Adjustments or Massages 

Getting regular massages or chiropractic adjustments helps keep your body aligned and promotes blood flow to your muscles, which helps them recover faster. Integrity chiropractic suggests athletes use it as a preventative measure. Treating small aches and pains while they are still minor prevents these issues from becoming bigger concerns.

If you’re working out regularly, chances are you’ve accumulated your fair share of minor injuries. Taking care of them early reduces your recovery time in the long run.

  1. Make Sure Your Diet Aligns with Your Goals

If you’re going to put all that time and effort into working out, you should make sure your diet is working with you, not against you. Make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to repair your muscles and get you ready for the next workout. Things with protein, amino acids, electrolytes, and B vitamins will help you recover faster.

  1. Try Adding Yoga into Your Routine 

Yoga is a great low impact exercise that should show up at least once in every workout routine. Yoga lets you tailor the work out to your body and desired intensity level, so it is perfect for an off day when you still want to do a little something.

Yoga build muscles and improves your deep stretch. The dynamic movement and deep breathing promote blood flow, which reduces lactic acid build up on your muscles.

  1. Schedule Rest Days

Part of honing your body is knowing when to rest. Don’t make the mistake of doing a major work out every day – this is a quick way to injury, not the results you want. A rest day is a vital part of every workout regimen – without recovery, your body can’t become the shape you’re striving for.